Friday, May 13, 2016

Diversionary Action

The question of whether or not we should allow men to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms is making a lot of noise right now, as intended by this corrupt administration. I don't know who STARTED it, but I'm sure it was at the behest of the Obama administration, with the willing cooperation of the militant gays. It was designed to occupy our minds, while his politicians screwed us from behind. And it has.

MACY'S DROPS TRUMP: Trump wants to enact things that will help stores like Macy's to prosper, but apparently that doesn't matter to them. Like many short-sighted companies, Macy's dropped Trump products. But it backfired, big time, on them. Their company lost so much business that their stock went through the floor. Apparently they didn't think about how much business came with selling Trump items. Hopefully, they will learn their lesson, and change their collective mind on selling Trump products. If not, they may “go down the tubes.”

MISLEADING HEADLINE: The headline reads: “Dead Broke Clintons scored MILLIONS In Latest Scandal.” But it should have read: “Dead Broke Clintons scored MILLIONS In Latest SWINDLE.” Because it IS a swindle. Everything the Clintons DO is a swindle. When they get up in the morning, they discuss how they're going to scam the public, today. And they do just that, every day.

THEY NEVER LEARN: The anti-gun fools never learn by example. They keep telling us that private gun owners are more likely to shoot themselves than a robber, showing an unwarranted disdain for the competence of private citizen gun owners. But it happens somewhere, every day, and they ignore it so they don't have to know it and can continue to LIE and would even pass a lie detector, since they don't KNOW it.

HILLARY LIES AGAIN: She told us she “did everything they could” to save those victims of the Benghazi terrorist raid, but she didn't. She could have simply told the Air Force people in Italy (about 3 hours away) and they could have arrived in time to send the terrorists running for the tall and uncut, but she didn't. And Obama's fools pressure those AF people to “keep quiet” or be screwed with for the rest of their careers. Then she lied again and told the world it wasn't a terrorist attack, until reality intervened.

MUSLIMS AS RAPISTS: Rape seems to be a “cultural thing” to Muslims. They think if a woman so much as SMILES at them, that is an invitation to sex, even if they have to force themselves on her. The reports of rapes by Muslims are predictably INCREASING as Obama imports more and more Muslim terrorists, disguised as “refugees.” And they don't care how young their victims are, either. In fact, they PREFER them as young as possible. It's also a “cultural thing” to screw little children, male and female. And keep them as “sex slaves.” This is a perversion, and they are perverts.

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