Wednesday, June 1, 2016

63 Chicagoans Shot

Chicago is a “poster city” for gun control, with some of the tightest gun laws in the land. Chicago also holds the record for the MOST people shot in one weekend. But they never acknowledge that and try to make laws that actually DO something, instead of getting people killed. I don't know what they're smoking, but they NEVER see “sweet reason” and keep making the same USELESS gun laws, while people holding ILLEGAL guns (mostly gang kids) keep on killing each other and innocent people who displease them.

HE DID A PUBLIC SERVICE”: Eric Holder, former (thank goodness) Attorney General, now says, “Edward Snowden performed a public service” by raising awareness of things the government wanted kept secret. But he still wants to prosecute him for “harming American interests." Which is it? This is one good reason why it's a good thing he is a FORMER AG, although the current holder of the office is “Holder 2.0.”

SHE'S THE “ONLY PATH”: California Governor Jerry Brown continues to prove his ignorance by saying, “Hillary is the only path to beat Trump.” Hell, she can't even stay ahead of a crazy, wild-haired SOCIALIST without cheating. And she's “the only path” to defeating Trump? Gimme a BREAK! Bernie has won most of the primaries, hands down. But she still has the most delegates. That is such an obvious swindle, it amazes me that the election officials don't notice and do something about it. But they're mostly Democrats, after all.

SUGGESTING MURDER: Glenn Beck is in trouble. He allowed Brad Thor, a best-selling thriller writer, to advocate “a patriot standing up and assassinating Trump if, as president, he oversteps his constitutional authority.” Ignoring, of course, the fact that Obama does it DAILY. Sirius XM suspended him for a week because he didn't “get right up on his hind legs” and condemn the whole idea, which is right and proper. I used to respect Beck, a lot. Now I'm beginning to wonder about his sanity.

HILLARY COULD LOSE: It's becoming an old story, now. Bernie wins, and comes away with fewer delegates. Now they're saying Hillary could lose in California, which is nothing new. Bernie has been wiping the floor with her all over the country, yet she still comes away with more delegates. This is such a CON, I'd be amazed it the election commissions didn't do something about it, if I didn't know most of them are Democrats.

PRESS IGNORES FACTS: In Texas, a shooter opened fire in public, wounding several, including a concealed carrier, who returned fire and distracted him long enough for SWAT to arrive and kill the shooter. The concealed carrier, who was shot three times, is expected to survive. In their reports, the liberal media IGNORED, and “glossed over” his actions, which no doubt saved many lives. It's common for the liberal media to ignore things like this that don't follow their preconceived notions.

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