Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bernie Won't Answer

When he was asked about the effect socialism had to cause the governmental collapse that led to rioting in Venezuela, he squirmed in his seat and said, over and over, “I won't answer probabilities. I'm running for president of the United States of America.” Like that's a viable reason not to answer. He's PROMISING socialism! And the evidence is IN! Socialism doesn't work! He can't answer that question, so he ducks it. What the hell does he THINK he should be addressing? He KNOWS socialism does not work, so he will not answer such questions.

DISABLING A “SMART GUN”: What if you got into a shooting scrape and you asked your “smart gun” to fire in defense of your, or your loved one's lives, and it didn't fire. You'd be dead,, or maybe some of your family or friends, too. They've come up with technology to disable the communication between a drone and it's master unit, be it a bracelet or some other control device. It's designed to disable a drone, but will also interfere with cell phones, “smart guns,” and other electronic-run devices. Would you want to take a chance that your criminal opponent didn't have that technology?

ASK A STUPID QUESTION: Anti-gun fools keep displaying their ignorance by asking stupid questions. The Redding, California Record Searchlight, ran an article where they asked, “Can you be pro-life, AND pro-gun?” They obviously haven't thought it out. Guns are for self-defense, to keep you and your family and friends alive when attacked by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. Guns are NOT exclusively for wrongfully killing people.

OBAMA KILLING SENIORS: But nobody can prove anything on him because he does it simply by offering BONUSES to hospitals for reducing expensive treatments recommended for patients (according to AMAC). That means the $25,000.00 quadruple bypass I needed in 2005 might have been rejected as “too expensive, just to keep an “old guy” alive a few more years. Such actions show a complete disregard for the lives of “his people.”

IT'S OFFENSIVE!” If liberals don't like it, they label it as “offensive” and ostracize you if you use it. The latest censorship of language they're trying is the phrase, “start a family.” What logic they use in deciding this innocuous phrase is “offensive, I haven't the foggiest notion. But since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND common sense (except to describe their useless anti-gun laws”) you can be sure there is NO logic in it. It's there just to further control what we may say.

WON'T AFFECT MY PRESIDENCY”: That's what Hillary says about the latest state Department report that shows graphically that she LIED repeatedly whenever asked about her use of an unprotected PRIVATE e-mail server in her HOME for government business. It's amazing! She is still convinced that she will HAVE a presidency/ She may not be prosecuted for her crimes, because “the fix is in,” but Trump is going to “beat her like a drum” in the general election. She will go down to defeat for the second, and hopefully the last time.

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