Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Afraid of Conservative News

We've long known that Facebook is VERY liberal, and that they censor conservatives on a hit or miss basis. Now it has become clear that this censorship is a matter of POLICY with Facebook. Which is one reason why I cannot be found on Facebook very often. There is a “conservative substitute” for Facebook, but it doesn't have all my relatives and friends on it. Yet. Facebook is revealing themselves to be “fearful” of conservative thought.

ALLEGED” AFFAIRS: MSNBC is trying valiantly to minimize Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy by emphasizing that his “screwing around” was only “alleged.” It's the usual liberal effort to confuse people, and ignores the fact that Bill FINALLY admitted some of his affairs and the proof of others is evident. Especially the semen stain on the dress of Monica Lewinsky. The evidence that got him into REAL trouble and almost caused him to be REMOVED as president after he was IMPEACHED for lying to Congress about it.

WHINING ABOUT IT: NBC and CBS are “whining” about Trump bringing up Bill Clinton's sex scandals, as if time passing has made them irrelevant. But it has NOT. His sexual escapades, and Hillary's activities, DESTROYING his accusers are VERY relevant, since they show clearly what Hillary is made of, and why she should NEVER even be CONSIDERED for a seat in the Oval Office. Which, of course, is the reason they're objecting, since they're “in the tank” for Hilary.

BILL'S “ENABLER”: Hillary is refusing to answer Trump's accusation that she is Bill's “enabler.” Which is smart. She can act as if she is “above it all” while not answering those accusations, which she can't do factually.  She WAS his biggest enabler, and even coined a derogatory term for his accusers, “a Bimbo Eruption.” She devoted a lot of time and money (derived from tax money) to minimize the effect of his “zipper down” policy. She's hoping we will just forget it without her having to answer the charges. Because she can't.

BERNIE'S FUTILE CAMPAIGN: He thinks he's winning. But in reality, he doesn't have a chance. The “fix is truly in”and, no matter how many primary elections he wins, he will get fewer delegates every time. He's only there to provide the FICTION that Hillary actually has some competition. Nobody else saw fit to run against her because they “saw the handwriting on the wall” that she was “the chosen one.” The Republicans thought they had the same fiction set up when 17 people filed to run against Trump and the others. But it got out of hand, and now Trump is their presumptive nominee, and may wind up in the White House, in spite of them. That scares the hell out of them.

MAKING HEADLINES: The liberal media, ever alert for the possibility of a headline, pressured Ted Cruz about whether or not he would return to the stump if he saw ANY chance of getting elected. There isn't, and he knows it. But he did answer in the affirmative, so there's their headline, and a reason to sell a lot of newspapers and television time. Even if he did not already pull out, there is NO “path to victory” for him unless somebody shoots Trump and he can no longer run.

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