Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rushing To Be Stupid

In St. Paul, MN, they're “rushing to be stupid,” facilitating the liberal foolishness of allowing MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms so they can ogle those trim young naked bodies, just by SAYING they “see themselves as women.” At Johnson High School there, they have declared ALL restrooms as “gender neutral” and opened their students up to sexual abuse by ignorant men who SAY they think of themselves as women. Stupidity that's second only to the stupidity of ALLOWING it.

SOCIALISM'S “SIREN SONG”: Intelligent people wonder what there is about socialism that appeals to young people. But I know what it is: it's the wish to “get something for nothing.” they have become convinced, by socialist teachers and professors, that the “government owes them something,” and when politicians promise to give them those things, they “gobble it up,” swallowing the con “hook, line, and sinker,” since they're too young and ignorant to consider what comes along with the “freebies.”

NOT YET: Democrats and other liberals are “crowing” about the demise of the Republican Party after Trump became their “presumptive nominee” for president. I agree that they are committing political suicide, as we speak, But they haven't done it yet. They WILL do it if they carry out the threats of some Republican “establishment types” to actually vote for the OPPOSITION candidate, Hillary. If they do that, they WILL be committing political suicide, and the GOP will “go the way of the Whigs.” We will see history being made.

CRUZ SHUTS IT DOWN”: Seeing the “handwriting on the wall,” Ted Cruz last night announced he was “pulling out” of the presidential race after losing BIG in Indiana, leaving Trump as their presumptive nominee. GOP “establishment types” have promised to vote for Hillary if that happened, which will spell DOOM for the GOP. But they are more interested in maintaining their POWER to dictate your choice and tell you who you can vote for. They'd rather destroy their party.

BERNIE BEATS HILLARY: Again! Hillary was considered to be the Democrats' “presumptive nominee” to run for president, and to win easily over whomever the Republicans put up to run against her. She was to be “crowned” at the Democrat Convention. But lo! Like in 2008, a previously nameless senator crawls out from under his rock and starts “slapping her around.” How can this BE? She's the “chosen one!” But IS she? Apparently, a lot of ignorant young people, voting for the first time in their lives, like Bernie, even if he IS a socialist. Maybe BECAUSE he is a socialist. If he wins the general election, they'll learn (to their chagrin) what a mistake they made.

WAVING MEXICAN FLAG: We've seen some people waving the Mexican flag at Trump rallies (not necessarily Trump followers, protesters instead). We've also seen it elsewhere. I got a question for these fools: “If Mexico is so great, why did you break the law to come HERE?” It's a real “conflict,” isn't it? Mexicans come here and refuse to integrate. They wave Mexican flags to indicate their “loyalty” to Mexico while FLEEING the poverty and drug gang violence there. Muslims do the same, only they want to “take us over” or KILL us for not believing the way they think we should. What a strange world we live in today!

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