Saturday, May 7, 2016

Civil Rights Violations?

The liberals are now saying not wanting to allow MEN into women's restrooms or changing rooms is a “civil rights violation,” and the “powers that be” agree with them. Which illustrates the abject STUPIDITY that has overcome this nation with the liberals running the presidency, the legislative branch, the courts, and the education system. That was predicted when they established a federal “education department.” We need to ELIMINATE the liberal influence on this country. It is DESTROYING us.

GIVE 'EM AN INCH: And next they'll want a mile. The minimum wage fools have established that we need to raise the minimum wage to the ridiculous figure of $15.00 an hour for people with NO SKILLS, and are not WORTH that much. So now they're starting to ask for more. The founder of “Restaurant Opportunities Center" is now saying “$15.00 an hour is not a living wage, and we need to raise the minimum wage to $21.00 an hour! Is there no limit to the STUPIDITY of the liberals? If they get that, they'll want to raise it to $30.00 an hour. And if they get that, the next step is $50.00 an hour. And who knows where it will go from there?

POLITICAL STUPIDITY: One of the stupidest things we can do is elect a Muslim to an important political office. That's not racism or bigotry, it's COMMON SENSE. Muslims swear fealty to one thing: Islam. They cannot have any other. So to elect them is a mistake. And we (not me) are falling for their stupidity. In London, they have elected a Muslim mayor. There is already a Muslim representative in our Congress. They're slowly realizing their goal of getting us to ELECT our enemy to office. We need to prohibit the election of ANY Muslim to political office so they can't destroy us, using our own system.

DISARMING “MENTALLY INCOMPETENT”: That's Obama's next assault on the right to be armed. He CALLS it “disarming the mentally incompetent,” which makes it sound okay. But the details are what's important. He defines any Social Security recipient who does not control his own finances “mentally incompetent" as an excuse to “confiscate” (steal) his/her guns. I'm not sure about his reasoning here, but since all liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and reason, he has none.

REDEFINING CRIMINALS: The Department of (In)Justice is redefining their references to “felons” or “criminals,” or “convicts,” because it might “hurt their self worth.” In reality, their “self worth” NEEDS to be hurt. Criminals and felons need to be called what they are. They have no “self worth” to be hurt. They call THEMSELVES criminals and felons, realizing reality. This is a continuation of the liberal policy of disguising evil by renaming it.

FREEING MORE CRIMINALS: Obama has commuted the sentences of 58 more felons, 18 of them serving LIFE sentences. He's working HARD to increase the number of criminals on the streets, from murderers to crazies, to Islamic terrorists people died to capture. Everything he does is DESIGNED to increase the violent crime rate so he can disarm us, but nobody has the gonads to stop him. If we don't get rid of this DISASTER of a president soon, we're going to fall into the abyss. Nobody seems to understand he is the ENEMY! People are well and truly wearing blinders.

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