Thursday, May 12, 2016

"When Was America Great?"

That's a question asked by comedian and news anchor poser Jon Stewart. The answer is simple: “Right up to the day Obama took office as president.” He's referring to Donald Trump's motto: “Make America Great again!” He's trying to intimate (as most liberals do) that America was NEVER great, which ignores history. But liberals try to change history every day, so that doesn't matter to them. Why anybody takes him seriously is a mystery to me. He's a buffoon and a fool.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? So Obama LIED to us to get our “approval” of the Iran deal. Ben Rhodes wrote an article for the New York Times BRAGGING about how they did it. But we already know everything Obama tells us is a lie, even if the truth would serve better. So what's the big deal? The liberal media runs around with their nose up his rear, and that SHOULD make them his friend. But he has no respect for them, and calls them “whores.” That's probably properly descriptive.

AMAZINGLY STUPID HILLARY: She's promising to put ALL coal workers out of work, and the coal companies out of business. And now she's down in “coal country” asking for their votes. That's almost as stupid as thinking she could actually beat Donald Trump. She thinks that, since her (married) last name is Clinton, she has an easy way in. She's wrong. Trump is going to “beat her like a drum.” She's gonna get whipped so badly she'll be a froth. Who, but Hillary would be stupid enough to promise the destruction of the coal industry, then ask for their votes? What a DORK!

APOLOGIZE TO JAPAN? Yes, we dropped TWO atomic bombs on them to end WWII. Obama wants to apologize tho the Japanese for that. But he doesn't bother to ask them for an apology for Pearl Harbor or any of the other bloody battles that were necessary to win the war THEY started by their surprise attack. There is nothing to apologize for! If we had not dropped those two atomic bombs, many Americans would have died in any effort to attack the Japanese mainland. Even though we would still have won, those Americans didn't need to die. We saved a lot of lives, both American and Japanese, by dropping those bombs. Apologizing to Japan admits to a mistake we DIDN'T make.

BRINGING RACISM BACK? They're now saying Trump will “bring racism back to America.” As if it ever left. It didn't. It just morphed into black against white racism from white against black racism. And Trump will not bring it back, because it never left. It was PROMOTED by Barack Obama and his accomplices, for their own purposes, and they made it worse. This is just another liberal attack on Trump, and, as usual, it is based on a LIE.

WHAT'S HE HIDING? They're now asking, “What's Trump hiding in his tax forms?” Which ignores the fact they they are completely open to the IRS, and if they did contain something illegal, they'd act on it, especially since liberals hate him—and IRS is filled with liberals. Like the previous item, it's just another anti-Trump attempt to make him look bad. They're “bringing out the big guns now,” folks! They'll do anything, SAY anything, to “do him in.” But nothing is gonna work. All their LIES are futile.

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