Sunday, May 8, 2016

No GOP Any More

There is an organization PRETENDING to be the Republican Party, but today, they're nothing more than an offshoot of the Democrat Party. They support everything Democrats do. They oppose nothing, except their own unstoppable candidate for president. They may win the Oval Office whether they like it or not. They're talking about voting for Hillary which, if they do, signals their DOOM. They're talking about a third party effort, which is as good as starting a “Elect Hillary” group. Everything they do today is guaranteed to END the Republican Party and cause them to go the way of the Whigs.

OBAMA: “ALL FAITHS ARE EQUAL”: But they're NOT. There is one specific “faith” that is NOT equal because it demands DEATH for “unbelievers.” what kind of a religion demands their followers KILL members of other faiths? The only way this “faith” has grown in recent years is by KILLING OFF those who don't believe the way they think they should. In case you're wondering, that “faith” is Islam. That “faith” was STARTED by a pedophile to make his own pedophilia be approved. So nobody would criticize him for having a nine-year-old “wife.”

JUST USE COMMON SENSE”: Obama says, “If the Republicans would just use common sense, we could fix the economy.” Whose common sense? Yours? You're the one who screwed the economy like Hogan's goat, and you accuse the Republicans of “not having common sense” for not agreeing with you? Are you really such a damned fool you BELIEVE this crap? You did it, not the GOP!

COWS THAT DON'T FART: India's “solution” to the climate change fantasy is simple: just breed miniature cows that don't fart. I swear. There are more STUPID politicians in this world than any other kind! Anybody who BELIEVES that crap they now call “climate change” needs their heads examined. The globe has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years! But that fact seems to escape the “global warming religion acolytes.” One thing they don't know is that EVERY living being that has an anus farts. And all living things do.

HILLARY WON'T BE INDICTED”: The “fix is in,” and no matter how much evidence of fraud or anything else the FBI uncovers, there will be no indictment, as long as Obama is in office. Not even the resignation of the FBI Director in protest will help, because Obama doesn't give a damn what the American people think. And since he doesn't get to stand for election again, he doesn't NEED to care. All he's interested in is that Hillary will continue his “dirty work” of moving us ever closer to socialism. He'll break any law, violate any trust, to accomplish that.

MEXICAN EX PRESIDENT LIES: He came right out and told a CNN “anchor” that Trump SAID he “hated Mexicans” when he said nothing of the sort. Even the anchor said it wasn't true, after Fox was off the air. What Trump actually DID say is that he wants ALL Mexican immigrants to come here LEGALLY, or not at all. And he's going to build a wall to keep the ILLEGALS out, while Mexico pays for it by being denied the foreign aid we keep sending them. You want to see a contrast, just TRY and go into Mexico illegally and see how many years in prison you get before being deported.

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