Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clinton In Mourning

Hillary's “in mourning” for all the black people killed by cops, nationwide. But she predictably doesn't mention all the cops who are killed from ambush by black thugs. All she wants to do is play along with the current liberal mantra. She doesn't really care abut the black “victims” of police killings, who are usually killed while trying to kill the cops. She just wants black people to THINK she cares. It's just one more way she is PANDERING to the black people.

MURDEROUS EX-COP: Drew Peterson was convicted of murder in the death of at least one of his wives. He was sentenced to 38 years on that charge. Which means he will be eligible for release when he's 94 years old. But now he's being tried for trying to set up the murder of the prosecutor who put him away. That just might get him another 60 years, which means he will never, ever be a free man, again in his lifetime. Drew is suspected in the murder of his FOURTH wife, whose body has never been found. But if he is charged and convicted on this charge, what difference would that make to him, since he is already under an effective life sentence?

KOSKINEN'S ARROGANCE TOTAL: The IRS commissioner, who is now under impeachment danger, didn't even bother to show up to testify in his own defense before the congressional committee deciding whether or not to impeach him. Apparently, he attaches little, or no importance to those hearings. I don't think I've seen a more arrogant bureaucrat. He's probably, even now, preparing action against the people on this committee, since he must think himself untouchable.

TALIBAN CHOOSES NEW BOSS: In Pakistan, where the Taliban leader Massoor was killed in a drone strike, they've chosen a new, leader for us to kill. They probably had to coerce him to take the post, because their top men don't seem to live very long. No, he probably isn't smart enough to know that. They call him a scholar. Or what passes for a scholar among Muslim terrorists. As soon as we can line up on him, he's gone. But they're like roaches. Kill one and six more show up to take his place. All I can say is good riddance.

HILLARY BLAMES BORROWERS: Bill Clinton helped STRENGTHEN the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976,” which FORCED lending institutions to make STUPID loans to people they KNEW couldn't ever pay them back because it was “compassionate,” is now blaming those borrowers, who “should have known better.”At the same time she sent out “Pocahontas” (Elizabeth Warren, who claims to be part Indian, for the benefits it gave her) to criticize Trump for “profiting on the misery of others” at the time, while doing so, herself. It all belongs to the Clintons. They OWN it. But now they say the fault is with the borrowers, not the lenders, or the people (the government) who forced the lenders into making those worthless loans, against their will, or suffer the consequences.

GOOD OR BAD: Depending on who's in power. Obama's 2% economic growth (if it is really happening) is lauded to the skies, as the “best economy ever” by the liberal media. This is the same 2% increase that was labeled as the “WORST economy ever!” under Bush. This is how they twist the news to suit themselves. They've always done it, but now we notice it because there are more than THREE government-controlled news sources today. They used to control the dissemination of news, but no more.

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