Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chicago Overwhelmed

The city with the tightest gun laws has so many gun deaths they can only investigate about 11% of them, while the rest go uninvestigated, and gun killers, knowing that, are “going wild” and killing as many people as they can. Meanwhile, anti-gun fools keep making their USELESS anti-gun laws that only PROMOTE gun violence. They just aren't smart enough to do anything else.

SHOT ACROSS OUR BOW”: That's what the effort to FORCE acceptance of MEN in women's bathrooms and changing rooms so they can ogle out young women in their nakedness is. They figure if we surrender and allow it, we'll be agreeable to even more outrages. Allowing that will signal them that they can do just whatever they want to us, and we'll meekly allow it. What we need to do is resist it with all we have. If that means physically throwing every man seen entering women's bathrooms or changing rooms out, let's do it. When they manage to get court orders to accept it, we need to tell them to STICK their court orders where they sit.

THEY'LL JUST QUIT: If Hillary gets elected president, and becomes commander-in-chief, half of the military has signaled their intention to “get out,” so they won't have to DIE from her incompetence. She'll claim, of course, that it's because she's a woman, but it's not. It's because of her DEMONSTRATED incompetence during the terrorist attack at Benghazi that killed FOUR Americans, including one of our ambassadors. If she can't help her people as Secretary of State, she certainly can't do it as president.

SEX ED FOR CHILDREN! In Chicago (the home of tight gun laws that get people killed), they want to start sex education classes for children as young as FIVE! Children that young don't even understand what sex IS! And they don't NEED to know, at that age. We all know that children want to do everything they learn about, just to learn more about it. If they do this, it will cause an increase in sex among small children. Not only that, if they learn about sex, they will want to try it with adults, too. And I'm sure there will be willing participants.

LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD”: The anti-gun fools are living in a “dream world” if they think making LAWS against guns will stop criminals, who don't obey ANY laws, will obey one that says they can't be armed. Many of them even ADMIT it's a “futile exercise' to make such laws, but they keep making them, anyway, from their “child-like belief” that this will “stop gun violence.” The only REAL way to stop gun violence is to KILL those committing it. Statistics prove that criminals who get KILLED don't create much gun violence.

WE OWN YOUR KIDS!” That's what some school “officials” think. Some even say that when a child enters a school, your parental rights END. They look upon parents objecting to their sometimes STUPID treatment of your kids as “troublemakers,” and have even been known to BAN such parents from entering their schools—until “wiser heads” change their minds for them. With federal control of schools, comes brainwashing. An example of that is the schools that insist on teaching students about Islam, and making that MANDATORY, while banning any MENTION of Christianity or any other religions.

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