Monday, May 9, 2016

Hillary Screeches

There are many reasons to want Hillary Clinton to be defeated in November, no matter WHO does it. A Republican or somebody else (not Bernie). But one of my main reasons is that I don't want to spend the next four (or maybe eight) years listening to the screeches she lets out when she goes to make a speech. Of course, her being an unadmitted socialist is a good reason, too, along with her promise to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did in his quest to disarm the nation so we couldn't resist when the feds came to take our property.

SHE'S “FOR THE WOMEN”: Unless Bill screwed them and they complained, that is. Bill went out and screwed a LOT of women, then Hillary screwed them again. She ruined their lives. She coined a new term: “Bimbo Eruption.” It became clear to me that she never cared if Bill kept it in his pants, or not, because she had her own affairs. But she was better at keeping it quiet. There are even rumors today that she's a lesbian, and her long-time paramour is Huma, her VERY personal assistant, who has been so for a long time. Now she says she's “for the women.” That she's a woman, so she should be elected on that, alone. What a, witch she is!

FIRING THE JUDGE: In Alabama, where three top officials are currently under investigation for corruption and a former governor is now serving a prison term on a corruption conviction, they have “suspended” their Chief Justice with a view toward removal because he doesn't want to APPROVE “gay marriage.” And we don't even know where he stands on letting MEN go into women's restrooms and changing rooms and ogle your daughters if they SAY they “think they're a woman.” How they can do that legally, I don't know. But that's a STATE, not the feds. So the rules are different.

THE “CHURCH LADY” IS BACK: She's returning to Saturday Night live to “interview Satan” on Donald Trump. So why not “interview” Obama? Or Hillary? Or any number of liberals, for that matter? That would be tantamount to “interviewing Satan.” SNL pillories everybody. But their hardest work is to go after people liberals don't like—and they do that with gusto. Reminds me of the man who is SUING God. He's stupid, and he doesn't know it. So why don't they ask HIM about Trump?

SAFE SPACE”: If your child needs a “safe space” where he can escape hearing words that offend him, you have FAILED as a parent. Your child is a WIMP, and should be brought back home and installed in your basement. There's no “safer space” than that. But your child will; be CRIPPLED in his/her ability to deal with life. Unfortunately, that's all too common these days—and the STUDENTS in college “rule the roost,” since the college “masters” are all too willing to surrender to their wishes, no matter how bizarre. Maybe they should bow down before them, too.

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