Thursday, May 5, 2016

U. S. "Invented" ISIS?

Iran is now saying America “invented” ISIS to make Muslims look bad. Who then, is roaming the landscape killing people, beheading adults and CHILDREN, making videos telling us they ARE Islam, and making as much trouble as they can in countries where fools have allowed them to enter? We sure didn't do that. Who rapes all those women the world over? Who gets “offended” by things we hold dear? Who screws little children, boys and girls? We “invented” ISIS? Don't be STUPID, Iran! I know you are stupid, but never assume we are, too.

HILLARY APOLOGIZES: For saying she will put the coal industry out of business, when confronted by an “out-of -work” coal worker. She says her words were “taken out of context,” which is the usual con used by politicians whose mouths get them in trouble. But she will still DO IT after she gets elected—IF she gets elected, and stays out of prison. Unemployed coal workers won't be able to do much about it then, she figures. Forgetting that if there are enough of them, they can make sure she's a one-term president.

IS IT TRUMP'S FAULT? The New York Daily News says that the GOP is “going down,” and it's all Trump's fault. Really? What it is, is the fault of the ANTI-Trumpers, which include the Republican "establishment.". If they carry out their threats to not vote for him (which is a vote for Hillary) or to actually vote for Hillary (which is TWO votes for HIllary), THAT'S what will destroy the Republican Party. Not what Trump is, or might be. It's easy to blame Trump for what they have caused. I've never before seen anything like the stupidity displayed by the Republican elites in their quest to DICTATE who we get to vote for.

STUPID POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Obama has just replaced the word “criminal” with “justice involved individual.” How stupid its that? Replacing one word with three is typical of the gyrations liberals go through to screw up things. Criminal wasn't good enough to describe criminals? Damn! I can't wait until January 20, 2017. Either we'll be rid of this FOOL then, or he will have revealed himself as the Hitler of our time.. In which case, he can then be “dealt with,” if anybody has the guts.

GUN LAW PATTERNS: There are several patterns in the silly “gun laws” liberals pass. First, they only affect LEGAL gun owners, who are NOT the problem. Then they make the guns you do have USELESS. An example is the state where concealed carry is legal, but the gun must be UNLOADED. What the hell good is an UNLOADED gun in an emergency? That's a good example of the SILLINESS of most “gun laws.” They either make guns useless or impossible to get into operation fast enough to do any good in defending yourself.

SHE'LL GO FURTHER: Hillary is promising to “go further” than Obama did in using executive orders to “stem gun violence.” In other words, she intends to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did. Do we really want this monster as president? Liberals simply want to DISARM honest people so they can't fight back when “federal agents” come for their property. In many countries, they succeeded in disarming the populace, and mass executions soon followed. Do you want that to happen here?

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