Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WH Spox Lies Again

Obama's chief mouthpiece said, in a press conference, that his communication with N. Carolina governor about their new law requiring people with a penis to use the MEN'S room was NOT a threat, but only “advice.” Well, threatening to withhold millions if they don't “knuckle under” doesn't sound much like “advice,” to me. It sounds like what it is, a THREAT. But Obama's mouthpiece said it, so we're supposed to believe it.. Unfortunately, like anything that comes out of Obama's mouth is a lie, this is, too.

UNPOPULAR CANDIDATE: They say Donald Trump is “one of the most unpopular candidates in memory.” Why then, does he keep winning primary after primary (whatever they call them), and draw the biggest crowds of any candidate? I think the Republican “establishment” is “whistling past the graveyard” in hopes enough people will believe that, so they'll vote for someone else. They keep saying he's “behind Hillary,” who is also unpopular, though we know why she is leading—the Democrats have it “fixed” so she will, no matter how many primaries Bernie wins. But to compare the two is like “apples and oranges.” She doesn't have the Democrat “establishment” against her.

MUSTA MADE HIM MAD: Obama is the chief “cop-hater” in the nation. So guess who had to pin medals of valor on 13 hero cops the other day. He hid it well as he attached the medals to the recipients. He even mugged as he fastened the medal to a cop who was literally a GIANT. He is the unnamed FOUNDER of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is patently anti-cop. He's quick to jump in and condemn cops when liberals pressure their “superiors” to blame them for things they did not do, such as in Baltimore, where they're trying to put six hero cops in PRISON on the FALSE assumption that THEY created the situation that got Freddy Grey killed.

AIR FORCE NOT PREPARED: The “wheels are coming off American military aircraft while communist china prepares for war over an unnatural island they claim. Obama has cut the Air Force budget so much that there are no parts available to FIX those aircraft (planes and helicopters), so they sit idle while the pilots get too little air time to maintain their flight status. In addition to cops, Obama hates the military, and that is reflected in his budget cuts, which is making us UNABLE to really fight people who want to hurt us. If we get into a war we can't win because of these cuts, the blood will be on Obama's hands.

MEDIA GOES NUTS: Obama “bashed” Trump in a recent college commencement address, and the liberal media is going bananas, as they usually do when he does something stupid. But I have to ask, “Who cares?” What's so surprising about Obama bashing Trump? He is frightened that Trump might be the next president, and will undo all his BAD WORK. He thinks him bashing Trump will put a crimp in Trump's campaign. But if that's what he thinks, he's badly mistaken. The people who like Trump also know Obama is the biggest LIAR in the land.

MEDIA YAWNS: They yawn at Hillary's crimes, but they concentrate on Trump's taxes, asking if he “paid his fair share,” their usual crap when talking about rich people. That's all they have against him, really. They bring up a lot of crap, but each one turns out to be false, and they're getting desperate. This is ample evidence of their one-sidedness in politics. They want a Democrat to win, regardless of the fact that another four or eight years of Democrat “rule” will FINISH us as a free nation. But they don't care about that.

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