Tuesday, May 10, 2016

They Can Go To Hell!

GLADD is giving Disney a hard time over “not enough gay characters in their movies.” Who cares about that? At least, to those with INTELLIGENCE. I don't give a tinker's damn what gays do in their bedrooms. But I DO care when they try and force approval on me. They've had way too many successes recently, with all the gullible liberals there are in office. We (not me) have to stop electing those fools to office so they'll stop surrendering when fools come at them demanding they approve their bizarre demands. They're “riding high” right now, as fools fall for their perverted demands.

THEY HATE HIM, SO I LIKE HIM: Liberals (and many conservatives) hate Donald Trump because he has signaled that he will “upset the applecarts” of many people who have their own little fiefdoms now. And they know he will, since he usually does what he says he'll do. So that's enough for me. Anybody that screws up those long-term professional politicians who are “lifers” in political office, is okay with me. Who was the 94 year old senator that died in office recently? I just hope he continues to do what he says he will do when he becomes president. Politics has been known to change a man.

THEY'RE LAZY DRUNKS!” That's what former Mexican president Vincente Fox says about Trump supporters. I'm not a “:Trump only” man, but I DO like him. And I don't drink. And I especially don't get drunk. What Fox says is just like his recent comment that Trump actually SAID he “hates Mexicans,” which is an out and out LIE. Apparently, lying is an art in Mexican politics. Well, we don't need the lies of a foreign politician in our elections. We have enough of our own. They're just not as good at it.

LOW BLOW ATTACKS”: ABC is “protecting Clinton” from Trump's :”low blow attacks.” I guess telling the truth about her is a “low blow,” and that's what Trump is doing. She can't prove ANYTHING Trump says is false, so she just LABELS it as a “low blow attack” without going into detail about HOW it is a “”low blow attack.” Mostly because there ARE no “details.” It's a sad day when TRUTH can be called a “:low blow” without anybody speaking up in opposition.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? When it comes to ISIS, pretty low, apparently. Word is now they EXECUTED a SEVEN YEAR OLD BOY for CURSING! And they did it in front of a crowd of people that included his PARENTS. Is there nothing perverted enough they won't do it, and claim it to be right and proper? I don't think so. Their very “religion” is perverted, so why not everything else?

CAN TRUMP UNIFY GOP? Probably not. But it isn't necessary to “unify” the Republican Party. They don't matter any more. They THINK they do, but they don't. Trump won the Republican nomination without them. In fact, it was with their OPPOSITION. So who the hell cares about them? They've committed political suicide, while hoping to retain their ability to tell us who we may vote for. I think the Tea Party should replace them as the next viable political party, as they replaced the Whigs in their heyday.

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