Friday, May 20, 2016

Mass Stupidity

I can't believe how many stupid people there are in this country. If the people who just want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense are sufficiently numerous to elect either Hillary or Bernie president, we're done. But they don't care, as long as they get their “freebies.” the fact that they will have condemned all of us to generations of hardship doesn't matter to them. All they want is their “stuff.” I could understand Bernie drawing such big crowds (although they're dwarfed by Trump's crowds), if he hadn't ADMITTED to being socialist. There was a time when an admitted socialist wouldn't have gotten NEAR a presidential nomination in a “mainstream political party.” But no more.

YOU CAN TRUST HILLARY.... To think of Hillary FIRST. You can expect her to do what SHE wants, and to HELL with how it affects the rest of the country. She said they were “flat broke” when they left the White House, so they LOOTED the White House when they left. She wants to be president, so she made sure she got the nomination by “stacking the deck.” She didn't expect Bernie to be as tough a competitor as he is, but, even after LOSING most of the elections, she has the most dedicated delegates. She gives Bernie he\ll for actually RUNNING against her. What the hell did she expect?

THIS POPE IS A FOOL: That's the danger in appointing very old people to high office, such as that of the Pope. Pope Francis is going senile, and making really STUPID pronouncements. The most recent of which is comparing ISIS to Jesus sending out his disciples. Previously, he indicated approval of communism. How he sees a similarity between Jesus sending people out to proselytize and ISIS going out and murdering people who didn't believe the way they thought they should, sometimes BEHEADING them, men, women, even children, is amazing to rational people.  He needs to be replaced. Quickly, before Catholicism falls from his silliness.

BILL IS NOT RUNNING”: John Heilemann, Bloomberg's “With All Due Respect” co-host, says we shouldn't be bring up Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy because “he is not running.” But he is. If Hillary becomes president, she intends to appoint him as her “economy czar” (an illegal position created by Obama), so he can further ruin our economy. But his peccadilloes are NOT “old and discredited,” as some insist. Guys like him don't stop, they just keep on doing it. It just isn't noticed now he's no longer president. They, and Hillary's brutal defense of him, show her complete LACK of good judgment, and is another reason she should NEVER get to be president.

POST-BIRTH ABORTIONS”: One actress, Patricia Heaton, of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is adamantly opposed to abortion, as ANY “thinking person” should be. It is MURDER, for the convenience of the parents, who want to have unprotected sex without having to devote 18 years to raising the result She said so in a recent tweet, and got a lot of crap thrown at her, including one from a guy named Billi Spillwater, who said he was in favor of “POST-birth abortions” for people who stick their noses in where they were not wanted, which completely ignored the fact that abortion is MURDER, since it stops a beating heart. But then, stupid people think that way.

SELECTIVE REASONING: Obama doesn't much like the idea of the “separation of powers” doctrine in the Constitution. He recently publicly said that he “finds it frustrating that power is distributed across a number of institutions,” meaning that he can't just do what he wants to us, without limit. Now he is USING that concept to defend his refusal to let his chief liar, Ben Rhoades, testify before Congress on the lies he told, on Obama's orders, in support of that bogus Iran deal. As if that would work. Rhoades' testimony will be known, regardless, eventually. All he can do is delay it.

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