Friday, May 6, 2016

Another Phony Word

Seems like every day, liberals come up with phony words to describe people who disagree with their perverted positions. Like, “ Homophobes,” to intimate a “mental aberration” in people who think pushing gayness onto the rest of us is wrong. Then there's “Islamaphobe” to describe people who criticize Islamics who kill people for not believing the way they think they ought to believe. And there is now “Transphobe” to describe people who think men should stay out of women's restrooms and changing rooms. What stupidity we have come to!

GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE: People kill people, SOMETIMES using guns, other times using many other objects, from rocks to heavy ash trays, lamps, baseball bats, etc. Should we ban all those things that COULD become deadly weapons? Cain killed Abel with a rock. Should we have banned rocks for all of human history because of that? Yes, guns CAN be used to victimize people. But they can also be used to PROTECT them. But that's ignored by the anti-gun fools, who just want to disarm us, for reasons of their own.

WAR AGAINST RELIGION: Who the hell does he think he is? Mayor DiBlasio of New York City has “BANNED Chic-Fil-A because of their views, which are based on their religious beliefs. Other businesses are laying people off, and many are closing because of the damned dismal business “atmosphere” in New York. We thought we had a fool in office with Bloomberg, but DiBlasio makes us long for Bloomberg's return. How do we GET such stupid people in office? I know. It's the people wanting “freebies” who vote for them/

TRUMP'S SUCCESS”: Liberals, and even some conservatives are wondering why Donald Trump has been so successful in his quest for the presidency, so far. But they refuse to see the real reason. They blame the news media, who RUSHED to cover his every word and action. But they're wrong. Trump's rise is due ABSOLUTELY to the “takeover,” by liberals, of this government, for many years, and the ignorant things they do. They think Trump can put a stop to that, and that's what they want.

OBAMA THREATENS N. CAROLINA: He is telling them that if they don't rescind their law requiring men to stay out of women's restrooms and changing rooms, he will take away BILLIONS in “school funds” and other moneys the feds owe them. The feds are only a “routing service” for these taxpayer funds, and have NO AUTHORITY to use holding them up as a means of CONTROLLING what the states do. But Obama does it, and nobody stops him. That's the key to his getting away with the outrages he commits. Nobody stops him.

MORE LIBERAL RACISM: Rob Reiner,"Meathead" from "All In the Family", and a well-known liberal, has told us Trump is a racist. There's no proof of this, but that never stops liberals from making such stupid statements. Obama is the KING of stupid statements. He tells us the economy is “going great guns” while MILLIONS are out of work and have lost hope of ever finding work again. He tells us he's a “good president,” when anybody with any intelligence knows he is a DISASTER. It's typical liberalism to make stupid statements like that.

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