Monday, June 1, 2015

Obama Said It!

It has to be a lie. Ronald Reagan famously said, “Government IS the problem,” and he was right. On June 26, 2014, Obama said, “No, it isn't.” And, as usual when his mouth moves and sounds come out, he was LYING. This man wouldn't tell the truth if the truth would serve better. There's something systemically wrong in our system if it can give us a man such as Obama as president, that we can't seem to get rid of. There should be some way to stop him from violating the Constitution and PUNISHING him for it without having to go through the trouble of impeaching him and having the Senate (where all his friends are) confirm it.

TAKING SANDERS SERIOUSLY: I notice the news media is taking the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist, seriously. As if he had a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting close to the Oval Office, except as a guest of the president who wins. Bernie's only in it to make us think Hillary has some opposition from within her own party. The only reason he and others are allowed in is to “paint a picture” for us. Until another Obama crawls out from under his rock.

MOUNTAIN OUT OF MOLEHILL: Muslims are good at making mountains out of molehills. This one found an opportunity in an airline policy NOT to give certain passengers unopened pop cans because they could be used as weapons. I think they were wrong to give a guy right next to her an unopened can of beer, but still this was a small thing until she made it into a “federal case.” Muslims never miss an opportunity to “make hay while the sun shines” with minor things like this, just to make trouble. And it's not “Islamaphobia” to say this. It's common sense because it HAPPENS. Besides: “Islamapohobia” is a phony, made-up word, anyway.

RIDING A BIKE: It has been said that once you know how to ride a bike, you don't forget. I presume current Secretary of State John Kerry leaned as a kid, how to ride one. But apparently he didn't retain the knowledge. The other day he tried, and broke his leg, doing something someone in his exalted position should have done easily. The only reason he IS in that “exalted position” is because Obama wants incompetent people in his top jobs so he can control them. Kerry fits that description nicely. So does Hillary.

JIZYA” IS EXTORTION: It's just another way for Muslims to make money. They don't even specify to whom this extortion money so they'll “allow you” to not convert to Islam is to be paid. I presume to the Muslim who confronts you. I have another solution: just shoot the bastard who pretends to have the “authority” to say you must PAY to stay alive and un-Muslim. That's what these fools understand. Murder and mayhem. For my part, NOBODY has the right to extort money from me to “allow” me not to become a Muslim. They can take their “jizya” and shove it up the rear end of a pig, then stick their heads up there to make sure it stays.

HASTERT'S REAL CRIME: They say Denny Hastert's real crime is how he made his money. They're wrong. His “real crime” is being a Republican who made his money (maybe) illegally (maybe not). A Democrat could have done everything they're accusing Hastert of doing and other Democrats would say any investigation about it is a “witch hunt.” But Hastert being a Republican means he will face the full brunt of the Department of Justice. This is how Democrats get rid of people who hurt them.

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