Friday, June 19, 2015

"It Doesn't Happen Elsewhere"

Obama says things like the SC shooting didn't happen in other countries, whose gun laws are much more strict than ours are. That's a usual Obama LIE. It DOES happen in other countries. It even happens in communist china, whose anti-gun laws are ABSOLUTE. People still get their guns if they're willing to break the law to do so. Taking guns away from law-abiding people will NEVER stop gun violence because criminals don't obey laws will ALWAYS get their guns.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Gun-free zones have NO EFFECT on gun violence. I've said that, many times, and every day criminals prove me right, again and again. The South Carolina church shooting has done it again. The church that fool shot up is IN a “no-gun zone.” The church itself IS a "gun-free zone." Did he care? Did he even KNOW? Doubtful. People like that don't pay attention to things like “gun-free zones” as they plan their much worse crimes within it. What's the penalty for bringing a gun into a “gun-free zone?” Probably a lot less than it is for mass MURDER.

THIS SCARES ME: It scares the hell out of me. Acknowledged SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders is making BIG inroads on Hillary and other Democrat candidates. It was okay when Bernie was an “outlander” with an ice cube's chance in hell of ever getting anywhere near the White House unless invited by the current president, but it's different when he starts gathering otherwise intelligent people who have no idea what a KNOWN socialist in the presidency means. If they don't know, watch our current president.

THEY'RE TRYING REAL HARD: Joe Biden now says, “If you don't believe in man-made global warming, you probably don't believe in gravity, either.” How STUPID is this man? There's good reason not to believe in man-made global warming. It has been DISPROVED many times, in many ways. But he thinks he can convince us of the scam's reality by falsely equating non-belief in a swindle to belief in a basic rule of NATURE. And people don't think our politicians are INCOMPETENT!

MSNBC REVEALS ITSELF: It is going to hire Brian Williams, the liar, to be an anchor at MSNBC. It has been asked, “Is MSNBC the “dumping ground” for people who have been discredited in the news business?” Maybe. They certainly will work cheaper—if you can consider a multimillion dollar salary “cheaper.” But hiring discredited people like Williams discredits MSNBC itself, if they hadn't done that, themselves, earlier.

IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: Gun control, as we know it, today, KILLS. That church in S. Carolina where one crazy kid murdered nine people was right in the middle of a “gun-free zone.” Further, the church itself was also a “gun-free zone.” The church allowed NO GUNS in their church. But did any of that dissuade that murderous kid from bringing his gun into the church and killing nine people? Yes, gun control does kill. But they'll never admit it, while more and more people die from their stupidity. How many more must die before they “get wise?”

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