Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clinton:"GOP Voter Fraud"

Hillary has come out with yet another unproven allegation, spoken as FACT, but with NO PROOF offered, as usual. Remember when she said “The Republicans are in a secret “right-wing conspiracy” against my husband?” Disproved in many ways, chief among them was that there WAS no “secret plot” against Bill. Everything the Republicans did was right out on the open, and was to be EXPECTED of them, since they were the “loyal opposition.” Now she says they are involved in “voter fraud” against HER. NO proof. Just the unsupported allegation, as usual, which was dutifully reported as FACT by the “compliant media.” I'd be very interested if she was EVER able to come up with any proof that it was the REPUBLICANS, and not the DEMOCRATS who engaged in “voter fraud” on a regular basis.

WHITEWASHING IRAN: A recent “report” by the Pentagon says that “Iran's military doctrine is primarily defensive.” And Obama really wants us to BELIEVE that crap! Their military doctrine is patently OFFENSIVE and if they ever get a nuclear weapon, Israel will cease to exist (unless they act first) because Iran will blow it off the map. They have PROMISED to do so. In addition, they want Iran and Iraq to become ONE country, under their control. What Obama hopes to accomplish by this fantasy is beyond me, except to help Muslims any way he can.

HILLARY: “GOP TO LIMIT VOTERS”: She makes a big thing about the “right to vote,” intimating that the GOP is trying to STOP people from voting by insisting on a picture ID in order to vote. It's important to the DEMOCRATS that an ID NOT be needed to vote, since that makes it easier for THEM to steal votes if people do not have to IDENTIFY themselves in order to vote. You have to show a picture ID to do almost ANYTHING today, INCLUDING getting into a Democrat event. Picture IDs are FREE in most places, and most Americans have at least one. I have about 40. I lost count, a long time ago—and I've never paid for ONE of them, in itself. She says you can use a gun carry license (which you can if it has a picture attached, and what's wrong with that?) But not a student ID. Which is a LIE if that student ID has a picture on it and he/she is an ADULT.

SLEEP ON YOUR COUCH? Apparently, a notice on her web site asks supporters if they would sign up to let one of her volunteers sleep on their couch for a few days. And if you answer, she asks if YOU would like to sign up to be a volunteer. I don't know what the purpose of this is, except to get leads for volunteers, but I wouldn't let a Hillary volunteer take a dump in my toilet. I wouldn't let one in my front door.

IT'S RACIST, DAMMIT! A New York politician wants to make anybody who buys a gun buy an expensive insurance policy or be fined $10,000.00. Can't she see that will apply more to blacks, who on the average don't make as much money as whites? that racist to RECOGNIZE that? I forgot: EVERYTHING is racist today, so no matter what, you're going to be called racist.

BEHEAD THE MUSLIM TERRORIST! In the north-east Syrian province of Al-Hassakah, according to British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded a known ISIS member who has beheaded several Christians. Many Christians would say this isn't a very “Christian” thing to do, but that's why Christians, not Muslims, are the ones being oppressed, today. If I could, I would behead EVERY ISIS member caught, as soon as he is caught. No waiting. Behead him NOW. That's what he understands.

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