Friday, June 26, 2015

Fools Support Sharia Law

Sharia Law is the ENEMY of the constitution. It suppresses freedom and makes speaking your mind (if you disagree with the government) subject you to a death sentence. It makes it a capital crime to do nothing more than draw a PICTURE of”the prophet.” It subjects women to what amounts to slavery while allowing men to do almost anything they want with regard to women. It's incomprehensible to me why many Americans like it, and would like to replace our constitution-based rule of law. I can only assume they are FOOLS.

ARE YOU HOMOPHOBIC?” That's a question being asked now all over the place. As if being against homosexuality was, somehow, a mental aberration. Just like Islamophobic says the same about being against radical Muslims. Both terms are “made-up words,” designed to limit or END any criticism of either position. I have nothing against homosexuality as long as they don't push it into my face. I DO have something against radical Islam, and that does NOT constitute a mental aberration, no matter how much they try and make it so.

SCOTUS ABANDONS JOB: Then Supreme Court has ONE job: to decide in any case, whether one side or the other follows the Constitution—NOT decide what's good or bad, based on their own prejudices. Increasingly, recently, the heavily-liberal-weighted Supreme Court has made decisions based on just that: their own prejudices, not on the meaning of what the Constitution says. That's what they did the other day, when they decided it was okay for the feds to pay for subsidies, even if the state didn't. They've been “making their own law” that way for some time, now.

NOT THEIR JOB: They said they have to figure out the INTENT of the legislature, not whether or not a thing is constitutional or not. That ISN'T in their “job description.” It's not, in any way, their job to discover “legislative intent” and rule, based on that. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs only to read the Constitution itself, with an open mind. But then, if nobody questions their decisions, how are we to “straighten them out?” Do I DARE to “instruct the Supreme Court?” Absolutely, when they perform so miserably badly. Apparently today, they're nothing but a “rubber stamp” for Obama—at least six of them are.

FOX FIRES BECKEL: It's official. Bob Beckel is no longer a part of Fox's “The Five.” I've suspected it for a long time, all the while Fox insisted he was just “on sick leave” due to back surgery. But that was just a smoke screen. Fox says they “tried to work with him,” but it became impossible. Not surprising, Beckel being an inveterate liberal and always willing to push things in his direction, talking over the others and even using nasty language. I predict Juan Williams will be his permanent replacement.

HILLARY: “ALL OF MY E-MAILS”: Hillary Clinton swears she gave the Congress ALL her e-mails, when we all know that's a LIE. There's a good reason why she summarily DELETED thousands of e-mails she CALLS “personal.” We know better. Why would she suddenly delete so many e-mails AFTER the Congress subpoenaed them unless there was something incriminating in them? Does she really expect us to believe her bullsh-t? I know Congress will, because :"the fix is in.” Even if she HAD turned them ALL over, nothing would have happened. That's the way it is when a Democrat is “in trouble.” They “go through the motions” but nothing ever comes of it.

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