Tuesday, June 9, 2015

McCaskill: "Not Enough Money"

She says the problem with TSA is not enough money. I say it's INCOMPETENCE from the top down. Money wouldn't have gotten them access to the whole “no-fly list,” or allowed them to find active terrorists among airport workers who stroll around in “security” areas. It wouldn't have helped them find the 98% of phony guns and bombs they missed when they were “tested,” either. It's also arrogance when they pulled a man's pants down in public, then had him arrested for “indecent exposure.”

THE COLLAPSE OF AMERICA: We're witnessing the “collapse of America” because incompetent politicians will not call Obama every time he violates the law and the Constitution. As long as he is not “pulled up short” when he breaks the law, he'll continue to do it. And I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't find some lame excuse to refuse to recognize the 2016 election and stay in office. Then we'll truly be under a dictatorship.

WAS KERRY SHOT? According to the European Union News, Kerry didn't break his leg in France, when he was supposed to be in another country, entirely. He was shot in an ISIS attack. I don't know whether or not to believe that. This newspaper still believes the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not an airplane, so I wonder about their veracity. I guess the truth will eventually come out, especially if Kerry dies of his wounds. If he does, they'll probably say it's "sepsis," or something like that.

WITH OBAMA'S APPROVAL: In Jakarta, the embassy rescheduled their July 4th celebration, one of the most important in government circles, and to every American, to he fourth of JUNE, “out of respect for Muslims” and their Ramadan holiday. Would Muslims EVER reschedule Ramadan out of respect for us? Not a chance. In no way do they respect us. I'm sure this had Obama's approval (or instigation) because it couldn't have happened, otherwise.

WHERE WAS SECURITY? In a Wal-Mart store, two women got into a fight (one of them came off one of those handicapped carts) and her small son joined in, hitting the other woman repeatedly with bottles and kicking her while she was down. I just wonder how this obviously able-bodied woman was able to use that cart, and where was security? It went on long enough for them to get there from another store across town!

DON'T HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH: That's what Doonesbury says about cartoonists, and Darren Hill, who draws Candorville,” proved it today. He said British cops were unarmed, and liked it, which was a LIE. And that vary few shootings occur, which is a LIE. He also said every Brit had health insurance. Yeah, why then, do ambulances line up OUTSIDE of hospitals with waiting patients, because of the rule about them having to be seen soon after entering? Crime is high in Britain because of their gun laws, and most of their cops ARE armed. Too many of them were getting killed by criminals, who didn't observe that fallacy.

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