Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hastert Indicted

Former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert has been indicted on corruption charges. Maybe he's guilty, maybe he isn't. Can you guess which party he represents? If you guessed the Democrat Party, you'd be wrong. Democrats don't get indicted for their "crimes." Only Republicans—and usually not long before an election. When it comes to corruption, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the “king and queen,” but nobody has made any attempt to take them to task. Hillary is even a serious candidate for president, herself. Republicans got Bill impeached, but didn't have the votes in the Senate to rid us of him as president. If he'd have been a Republican, he'd have been “out of there,” in a flash.

LIVES ON A BUCK A DAY: Bridget Moynihan (who is a star on “Blue Bloods” and has no need to live on a buck a day) says she “lives on a buck a day (once a week, maybe) to help “make a difference” in “ending poverty.” You know, that old pipe dream. But I'll bet she doesn't include her rent in that, nor the cost of getting to and from the studio every day to film her television show (But then, somebody else pays for that). And I'll bet she doesn't refuse to eat any of the food provided there for the actors, either. It's easy to “:live on” a buck a day when somebody else provides most of what you need. Speaking of “ending poverty,” the reason that's a pipe dream is because there are just some people who make bad decisions and aren't ABLE to earn much money. And there always will be.

DIVERT FROM BENGHAZI: The Democrats themselves are pushing the “Clinton Foundation” scandal. Why? To keep your mind off Benghazi, where Clinton's indifference to human life caused the DEATHS of four good people. They figure if they can keep you diverted long enough, they can call Benghazi “old news” without ever resolving it. They're WRONG! As long as I am around, it will NEVER go away until Hillary is “brought to justice” for her crimes.

MUSLIMS WANT SHARIA! Surprise, surprise! Muslims want the establishment of Sharia Law in the United States! Was that some kind of a secret? World Net Daily ran a story recently that highlights Muslims in Minneapolis “being honest” in saying that's what they want. Have they ever DENIED it? Why is this NEWS? Cedar Riverside, Michigan, a Minneapolis suburb, has long been a “hotbed” of Islamic terrorist recruitment. It's even called, “Little Mogadushu” because of it. Kids regularly leave there to be trained in the Middle East and join various terrorist organizations. 

LET 'EM GO! In the item above it is noted that in Cedar Rapids, MI, many young people go overseas to be trained to be Islamic terrorists. The government wants to know what they should do about it. Actually, the answer is simple. Let 'em go. And don't let 'em come back. When they do that, they make their own bed. Let them SLEEP in it! They make their loyalties PLAIN. Cancel their citizenship and their passports so they CAN'T come back.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS ENDING: The travel restrictions on “Beau's boys,” those high-ranking Islamic terrorists who were released to facilitate the “release” of deserter Beau Bergdahl will soon be able to freely return to their former positions in Islamic terrorism, since the “travel restrictions” imposed upon them are due to end. Does ANYBODY think they haven't been running things from Cutar already, using telephones and the Internet? What difference does travel make? I say if they try to go back to their original positions, just KILL them. It was a damned fool act to release them in return for the phony release of a “turncoat.”

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Many people wish for no more cops. Most notably in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and now Cleveland, OH. And that's what they're getting—at least, in Baltimore, anyway. I haven't seen specific figures for Ferguson and Clevelamnd, but in Baltimore, murders have INCREASED 100% while arrests have REDUCED 50%! And they wonder why. Could it be that they “repudiated” their cops? So now the cops are not as effective as they used to be? You should be careful what you wish for, You might get it, as they surely are in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Cleveland. If I were a cop in any of those cities, I certainly wouldn't be working as hard as I had been before my city slandered me. Or I would stop being a cop, altogether.

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