Sunday, June 28, 2015

"It's Not Normal"

One of the latest things the global warming fools are saying is that “climate deniers” are “not normal.” Frankly, I think THEY are the ones who are “not normal.” Where the hell do THEY get off defining "normal?" They take that “phony science” that relies on “computer models” to predict disaster while soliciting money from global warming “believers" to create more lying computer models they can cite for their “flights of fancy.” Now they're resorting to demanding “deniers” be PUNISHED for denying their fool notions because they can't answer the questions they raise.

"GAY MARRIAGE IS GOD'S WILL": It amazes me how people grab onto something that is an abomination and call it “God's will.” In any case, I don't think God cares if men screw men and women screw women, or if SCOTUS affirms it by making up a rule. There is NO “God's will” involved. It's arrogance that leads people to “co-opt” God in this way. I've seen this phenomenon in other areas of politics, and it disturbs me to see it. Nobody really knows what is "God's will," even if they read the Bible carefully. The BIble was not written by God. It was written by MEN. Men with a lot less education that people have today, and a lot more superstition.

NO GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER”: In another Obama “big lie,”: he now says “Obamacare is not, and never has been, a government takeover of health care..” Man, this guy must really agree with that professor who thinks that the American people are really stupid, to believe THAT stupidity. How many times a week lately has he selected something we all know to be happening, and then assure it it is not happening when we all know it IS. For him to think we are as stupid as he seems to think we are, reflects a lot of stupidity on his part.

NOW IT'S A FLAG: After a confirmed racist shot up a church, killing nine people, including its pastor, who was so short-sighted he helped ban guns from his church, liberals have seized upon the Confederate Flag, long an icon of the DEMOCRAT Party (which most of them don't even know), to “demonize.” It's yet another attempt to divide this country into TWO CAMPS, one AGAINST taking this flag down (while leaving the Nazi flag alone), the other IN FAVOR. Again, it gives the Gullible Americans something to squabble about so they ignored Obama's many crimes. Those of us with BRAINS are not fooled.

MORE ATTACKS: In yet another attack on constitutional rights, SCOTUS warns that churches could lose their tax-free status if they oppose gay marriage. This is yet another effort to CRUSH opposition to gay marriage. It's not legal. In fact, it's patently ILLEGAL. But hey! Obama is “in charge,” so nobody cares. He's violated the Constitution so many times, in so many ways already,this is just one more instance. And until somebody with gonads speaks up, he will continue to violate it. I can't say for sure, but I think this is the same way dictators “took over” in Russia and Germany. I'll keep saying so until they yank me up by the scruff of my neck and put a stop to me.

IT'S MY HOUSE!” That was Obama's answer to a heckler during one of his interminable lie-fests the other day. I got a clue for ya, Barack: It AIN'T “YOUR HOUSE!” It's OUR HOUSE! Mine and that heckler's, as citizens of this country. You're only a time-limited GUEST in that house.. Maybe he was rude to interrupt your speech as a GUEST in OUR HOUSE, but the fact remains it's NOT “your house,” and never will be. You're a cocky SOB who thinks he OWNS America, but you're wrong. And if you try to “take it,” you're gonna get “slapped down.”

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