Thursday, June 18, 2015

Moving to the Left

Liberals keep telling conservatives they must “move to the left” if we ever want to be elected, as if the left was the only moral place to be. What a LOAD! The left is not interested in conservatives getting elected. So they tell us things that guarantee we lose, like we should “move to the left.” What I can't believe is how many people BELIEVE this crap and VOTE for lefties, making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Is there NOTHING so low that they will not go there? Apparently not.

THEY “LOST” $BILLIONS: I hear that every once in a while. Hillary personally “lost” more than $50 billion during her tenure as Sec. of State. We hear about the ”loss,” but then, we never hear anything more about it. Where does such money go? Does it just “go up in smoke? Never to be seen again? I think it goes quietly into some politician's pockets, never to be seen again. And as long as they can stall, and keep such losses “under investigation” with no results shown, while other politicians (who know they can profit similarly in the future) keep their mouths shut, the money remains “missing.” Sure evidence of INCOMPETENCE in government.

AN ICON IS CLOSING: For the first time in its history McDonald's is closing stores. The company enjoyed rapid expansion for much of its history by offering consistent food at affordable prices. It even thrived during the recession, when its Dollar Menu drew in people trying to save money and new products like McCafe coffee drove up sales. The fact that it is “slimming down” now is a testament to the effects of Obama's stifling economic policies. They're trying to attribute this failure to the rise of Chipotle and “Five Guys Burgers,” but it's worse than that. It's a signal that Obama's fiscal policies are more stifling than ever before.

SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO COMMENT: Rachel Donezal has proven herself incompetent to comment on anything. If she can't even tell what RACE she is, how can she be depended upon to know anything about anything else? She says she “started identifying with black people at age five and takes exception to people who deny she's black.” Too bad, Rachel. Your PARENTS deny you're black, and who should know better? The people who SPAWNED you? You would probably be better served if you just “disappear into the mists” and don't give your opinion on anything in the future. Your parents are very disappointed in you, and that's an awful thing to have to say.

A WOMAN FOR $10 BILL: Alexander Hamilton isn't good enough to remain on the ten dollar bill, it seems. Now they're going to pick a WOMAN whose picture will be used. Why? No reason. It's just the “politically correct” thing to do. I think they're hoping that woman will be Hillary, so as to support her bid to be our next president. (Eeeerrrp, slop! Bring the mop! Hasten Jason, bring the basin!) I have no problem with a woman's picture on our money, but only if she has done something good, which Hillary has NOT. I feel the same way about Obama getting the Nobel prize “on the come” without ever DOING anything to rate it. It makes me want to barf, thinking about how hard they're working to force her on us. As they did with Obama, to our infinite sorrow.

VICTIM BLACK, AL GOES: The victims in the S. Carolina church shooting are black, so Al, uh, Sharpton is interested. He scents money to be made there by whipping up more black against white racism—something he is eminently good at. Look for a riot to ensue when his PAID demonstrators arrive in the next flight after his, paid for by a George Soros blind company. And he's being immeasurably helped by Obama's inflammatory rhetoric about it.

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