Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Do They Attack Us?

Islamic Terrorists keep sending rocket bombs into Israel, every day, and only their lack of aim saves Israel from high death figures, and then when Israel; responds with attacks of their own, the terrorists rush to the press and ask, “Why are they attacking us?” As if they did nothing to provoke them. And the press dutifully asks the same question, showing the stupidity of both.

PAID DEMONSTRATORS: I've written before about “demonstrators” who were supposed to be PAID to come to Ferguson. MO and swell the ranks of “protesters” to make it look worse than it really is, but who demonstrated again when they didn't get paid. And the people they demonstrated against were an “offshoot” of ACORN. But reality is worse. There's an ongoing “cottage industry” in paid demonstrators, paid with George Soros' money to show up everywhere they can create the most chaos. Now we know how “demonstrations” become so bad.

AL-QAIDA'S NUMBER TWO: According to news reports, we killed al-Qaida's Number Two man. Hmmm... Why do we always kill the “Number Two” man, but never the Number One? Of course, al-Qaida denied it for a while, as usual. Not as long as they denied us killing bin Laden, but for a while. They just didn't want us to have a big PR victory like that, even while suffering from the loss of such a high “official” in their cult. What we need to do is go in (again) with enough force to kill ALL the Islamic terrorists. Something we did once, and were WINNING when Obama declared “surrender” and told his troops to “cut and run,” leaving all their arms and equipment, which the terrorists quickly “sucked up” to use on innocent villagers.

DAMNED FOOL LIBERAL: What do you think about a white woman “deciding” she's black and ending up leading the NAACP? Fooling everybody, including herself? Why anybody would CHOOSE to be black is beyond me, what with all the “racism” they CLAIM is out there for them. Maybe it's because of the ADVANTAGES they now enjoy, due to the ignorant actions of liberals since OBAMA got elected. Remember, he's as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black, for the benefits it gives him, and his ability to attribute ANY disagreement with his policies as racism. She was doing okay until her white parents “outed” her.

RELEASED 6 MORE KILLERS: Word is, Obama has released six more Islamic terrorists from GITMO, quietly. He didn't announce it, because he can't come up with a reasonable excuse for unleashing six more murderous fiends upon the world, except that he figures he can effectively close GITMO by letting them all go, one by one, or six-by-six. He sent the latest bunch to Oman, which is right next to Yemen, one of the “hotbeds” of terrorist activity. They tell us that Oman has agreed to keep them “in country” so they will not go back to the battlefield and continue killing innocent people. Do you believe that? If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

THERE'S STILL BENGHAZI: Hillary is still saying there are NO “scandals” about her out there. Of course, that ignores her incompetent handling of the Benghazi killings. There are many more things that I, and many others consider to be “scandals,” but she doesn't. But she doesn't get to say what are, and what are NOT “scandals,” no matter how much she may think the does. Until she addresses those scandals, they will remain scandals. And probably thereafter.

FOLKS “RUNNING AROUND WITH GUNS”: Bill Clinton (An elitist who runs around with an armed security guard detachment) thinks the major problem with gun violence is because of “concealed carry.” But he ignores the fact that “concealed carriers” have not been involved in gun violence, except as DEFENDERS against ILLEGAL guns in the hands of CRIMINALS. The truth is, gun violence is caused by CRIMINALS, who don't obey “gun laws,” anyway. And we already have “folks running around carrying guns,” ILLEGALLY. We need to counter that.

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