Monday, June 22, 2015

Global Warming Is Stupid!

So is “climate change,” its illegitimate offspring. The whole idea that a rise in global temperature of .1 degree in 100 years is a problem is irrational. And the idea that people are capable of affecting it, for good OR bad, is arrogant. People who believe in it are also stupid, and that includes Obama and the Pope—and all those pseudo-scientists who falsify scientific evidence to keep getting grants controlled by those global warming supporters pushing it. Most people not personally involved in the climate sciences who believe in it are not stupid, they're simply being CONNED.

WORRIED ABOUT NOTHING: Well, maybe not nothing. But to get all exercised over TWO escaped convicted murderers seems a little stupid when there are still 30,000 illegal alien convicted murderers RELEASED by OBAMA out there merrily murdering more and more people. And nobody's even LOOKING for them. They've killed 121 people already since their release, between 2010 and 2014. And how many more have they murdered since THEN? And we're worried about TWO escaped murderers? Let's get our priorities straight, people! Yes, go after the new ones. But do something about the 30,000, too! And punish Obama for inflicting them upon us.

BLAMING CONSERVATIVES: Now they're trying to say that conservatives are responsible for the killings in Charleston, SC because the killer had a connection to a racist web site that CALLED itself “Council of Conservative Citizens.” What they fail to tell you is that ANYBODY can CLAIM to be conservative, while really they're just RACIST. I'm not a conservative (I'm a “rational individualist”), but they are a very close to what I am, and I would never subscribe to the hateful rhetoric they put on that web site, daily. It's a feeble attempt to “tar” conservatives with the same brush as the killer. If I ever came face to face with the principle of that site, I'd slap him silly, on general principles.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Now they're pushing the idea that the shooter in Charleston, SC contributed to Republican candidates. So the hell what? We can't check out every contribution to make sure it hasn't come from such a person. It doesn't say a thing about Republicans that such a person would contribute to some of their candidates. There are fools on both sides of the aisle. Like anybody being able to CLAIM to be a conservative, anybody can contribute to anybody he/she pleases.

IT'S JUST JEALOUSY: Liberals continue to decry the wealth accumulated by some people, saying it's “not right” that some should have more than others. That's just JEALOUSY talking. They're jealous that SOME of us were smart enough to comer up with original ideas that a LOT of people want to buy (such as Bill Gates, who was NOT a billionaire when he started Microsoft in his garage) and successfully sold it to millions. They say a CEO should not make so much more than their workers, completely ignoring the fact that if the first CEO had not had his original idea that CREATED the place they worked, there wouldn't be a job for them at all.

WHO'S TO BLAME FOR IRAQ? Nobody will argue when you say Iraq is an unmitigated disaster. But not for the reasons they cite. Liberals continually say Bush didn't have to invade Iraq because they weren't directly involved in 9/11. WRONG! They WERE “directly involved,”, by dint of the fact that they helped to terrorists with money, “safe harbor,” and training. How else do you explain that old airplane fuselage in one of their training bases? It's a disaster today because OBAMA told his troops there to “cut and run,” leaving behind weapons, ammunition, and equipment for the terrorists to take over and use. He's doing the same thing in Afghanistan and the latest is that ISIS just violently attacked the Afghan PARLIAMENT.

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