Monday, June 15, 2015

Star Speaks AGAINST Gun Control

A major star (whose name escapes me right now) just spoke out AGAINST gun control, and other stars immediately excoriated him. What he said, I, and others like me have been saying for years, but nobody noticed. But this guy, being a major star, gets noticed. I don't know if any of the meat heads in FAVOR of today's brand of gun control laws have had their minds changed (probably not), but the people who believe the laws being made today KILL people instead of save their lives, have taken notice.

KILL PAM GELLER!” ISIS (or whatever other name they go by today) has again shown their pettiness by publishing Pam Geller's home address and telling their followers to “Kill her. And some damned fool will no doubt try, and maybe even succeed. Why? What “crime did she commit? She sponsored a contest to select a cartoonist to draw a picture of the “prophet.” Which is a “no-no” for Muslims. And, as with all Muslim “no-nos,” it carries a death sentence and other Muslims are stupid enough to carry it out. Maybe we ought to publish the home addresses of the Muslim terrorists we know about and tell “good Americans” to go and kill them But no, that would put us on their level, wouldn't it? Nope. Nothing could put us that low.

TIRED OF BUSH: First of all, we don't need another Bush in the White House. That's the laziest decision there is. Hasn't he “announced his intentions, yet? I thought he had, a long time ago, the way the media has been gushing about him. He's really “stretching it out,” isn't he? I guess that makes for good publicity. But Bush represents “the old guard,” even if he hasn't been in national office. He HAS been a governor. If we're going to get a former governor, let's get Sarah Palin. She's a much better choice. The best recommendation is, the liberals are frightened of her. They proved that by really going after her after the last election.

CLINTON KICKS OUT BUREAU CHIEF: She kicked him out, she says, “because he isn't a member of the White House Press Corps.” What kind of a reason is that? Nobody who wants to be president should EVER be kicking reporters out of their events—especially not a bureau chief. This guy has a LOT bigger keyboard than do regular reporters. He can ASSIGN reporters to do “hit pieces” on her, and probably will. She will not answer reporters' questions. That's not too smart for someone who wants to be president, either. But I don't want to “advise her” on how to become president. I think she's doing just fine. Hmm, hmm.

MOB RULE: There's no law that says a bakery MUST bake a cake to celebrate something with which they disagree, on religious grounds. None. Not only with gay “weddings,” but in other cases, as well. There should be no way gays should be able to FORCE them to do so, or put them out of business. It's MOB RULE to do so. Yes, there is the thought that to refuse is bigotry. It's not. It's a time-honored constitutional right to be allowed to practice your religion, regardless. The Constitution says “Congress can make NO LAW regarding religion, or the practice thereof. Believe what you will, they have the constitutional RIGHT to refuse to do business with people whose practices are against their closely-held religious beliefs. This does not hurt these people. there are plenty of bakeries who WILL bake for them. Unless you search out those who won't, as these people have done.

ALMOST HAD AN ANYUERISM”: CNN's Jake Tapper says he “almost had an anyuerism trying to get an answer out of Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman about her position on Obama's “Trade Bill.” They went “around and around” several times as he attempted to get an answer out of her, but all he got was “her opinion would affect voters.” That's true, which is why Tapper was trying so valiantly to get an answer out of her. But to no avail. I hope he survives the effort. I hope SHE survives her effort to keep her mouth shut.

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