Thursday, June 25, 2015

"It Warn't Apurpose"

That's what the IRS says about “wiping” all backup tapes after Congress asked for them. Do you believe that? Do you believe ANY of their attempts at saying there was not a “coverup” in progress? Do you believe Lois Lerner's “computer went down” AND the backup tapes got wiped “by accident?” If we used a feeble excuse like that about our tax records, we'd never see the outside of a jail again. That's the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.” But watch, while the Congress accepts their lies and leaves the alone.

ANGRY AND FED UP”: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (who is black) said that is what many white people are when they hear such things as what was said by a member of “The Nation of Islam” at a rally in Charleston, SC the other day. He said, “We need to complete the mission, kill the slavemasters.” If a white man said something like that, he'd soon be in a jail cell for fomenting murder. But this was said by Malik Subu Shabazz, a patently phony name for a black troublemaker with the “Nation of Islam.” We need to start enforcing the laws against fomenting violence against people like that, as well as against white people. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge this individual to be a troublemaker and a fool.

THEY'VE ALREADY STARTED: I predicted that the fools out there wouldn't be satisfied with the banning of the Confederate Flag, and I was right (Way before Rush Limbaugh predicted it). “Nation of Islam” leader (who murdered Malcolm X to get his position) is already calling for the banning of the AMERICAN Flag. I don't know what logic he's using (if any) in demanding this, but I'm not surprised, He's THAT stupid. Somebody needs to put this rabble-rouser in jail so he can't create more problems.

IT'S AGAINST THE LAW? This film maker (James O'Keefe) was detained by the feds “for investigating the federal government.” Is that against the law, now? I guess we've slid smoothly into a dictatorship, where investigating the federal government can target you for many problems, including keeping track of your movements and detaining you every time they get a chance. I wouldn't be surprised if soon, that included jail time, at Obama's order. Like the DHS revoking one of their investigators' gun ownership rights after transferring her to “nowhere land” for investigating THEM.

POPPING CHAMPAGNE CORKS: They're popping champagne corks in the White House today as the Supreme Court ruled, for the second time, in favor of Obama and his health care swindle that has generally DOUBLED health insurance rates and taken away our right to choose our own doctors and hospitals, after he repeatedly LIED and said it would not. Obama didn't even think the SC should even take up this question, but will probably ibe all smiles after it ruled in his favor.

TARGETING WOMEN: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC), itself an extremist left-leaning organization That LIES about people to put them on their various “lists,” have effectively painted targets on the backs of 12 prominent women by putting their names on their “list” of prominent women who have spoken out against radical Islam. Ann Coulter is delighted. She says it's an “honor” to even be considered for one of their “lists.” As one who is most likely on several of their “lists,” I agree. Critics call it a “hit list” for Islamic terrorists, making it easier for the feeble minds of those fools to figure out who to kill for “saying bad things” (truth) about radical Muslims. Cathy Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, thinks their “list” is not nearly as important as they think it is. I agree fully.

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