Friday, June 5, 2015

Racism Is Everywhere!

It seems like every day somebody else comes up with something they call racism. Now, “thug” is the same as “the n word.” It's racism to say certain people can't afford a picture ID card. It's racism to disagree with ANYTHING Obama (or any of his thugs) say. It's racist to say you're NOT racist. Soon it'll be racist to sit in one place and say nothing. It's getting to the point where racism is EVERYWHERE. I say it's racism to see racism under every bed, as some people do. Racism has been so overused, it means NOTHING, any more. Racism is at the highest it has ever been in America, and it's now black racism against whites, APPROVED by Obama and his thugs, and promoted by their rhetoric.

BACK TAXES?” Obama has decreed that illegal aliens can apply for, and RECEIVE “back taxes” (WHAT back taxes? They haven't OWED any taxes!). It's just an excuse to give illegal aliens money. They are making a law that requires the Treasury to pay “back taxes” to illegal aliens whom Obama says may stay under his “Amnesty Plan” that he says is NOT an “amnesty plan. And, guess what? The liberal media isn't covering it. I thought we had a free press. I guess we would, if only they WOULD allow themselves to be free. But they're a very “compliant” media. They comply with anything Obama wants.

MEDIA IGNORES REPORT ON FRACKING: Likewise, the “compliant” media is refusing to report on the recent report put out by EPA that says Fracking has NO effect on ground water. It's like their almost complete refusal to report on all of Obama's scandals, AS scandals (which they are), allowing him and his thugs to say there are no scandals in his administration because there have been none in the media. They seem to think if it isn't reported in the media, it didn't happen. But the media's refusal to report important stories is a scandal, in itself.

INCOME INEQUALITY” POLLS: Every day the New York Times seems to run polls pushing one of Obama's favorite things. Today, it's “income inequality.” Yesterday it was “campaign financing.” What'll it be tomorrow? “Income Redistribution?” Seems like liberals everywhere want this country to “go communist,” which all these things are part of. Income redistribution is the worst, because it is THEFT by the government for the benefit of those who can't earn for themselves. Income inequality is something you're not going to “fix” by legislation. Some people are simply more talented, and/or have received a better education than others. Some are new to the work force and aren't WORTH a lot of money until they LEARN something. Therefore, there will ALWAYS be “income disparity.” To do otherwise is STUPID, and unfair to the talented.

TROUBLE EVERYWHERE: It seems like there is trouble everywhere. In Israel, Palestinians hate Jews. In Ghana now, people are being killed when others bomb gas stations. In Syria and Iraq, ISIS runs wild, unopposed, because Obama has told his troops to “cut and run” and is actively ARMING ISIS under the GUISE of them “capturing” arms and equipment LEFT by fleeing soldiers (who fled under his orders). Iraqi soldiers flee because they have no weapons to use against ISIS. Everywhere you look, there is strife. In our own country, we have a campaign going on against the cops, fueled by Obama's rhetoric. All this is fueled by the INCOMPETENCE of politicians, worldwide.

INCOME REDISTRIBUTION? A recent poll conducted by New York Times and CBS News (who else?) says that MOST Americans want “income redistribution.” How the hell they convince people of this is beyond me. I don't think they do. I think they just “massage the numbers” and LIE about it because that's what THEY want. Liberals in the East are mostly all liberals (socialists), anyway. And they're JEALOUS of anybody who makes more money than they do and want to STEAL some of it for themselves. This is how communism (just another form of collectivism from socialism) gets started. They have no idea what they're pushing. But they push it, anyway.

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