Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moving Them In

Obama wants to move “po' people” into affluent neighborhoods to “make it equal” for everybody. But the “affluent” people in those neighborhoods know something Obama doesn't. That if he does it, the value of their property in those neighborhoods will go DOWN because of the kind of people who are usually “poor.” They will inevitably ruin the neighborhood. And their color doesn't matter at all. Poor people are poor for a reason. Because they never bothered to gain the talents necessary to NOT be “poor. And most of them do the kind of things that will ruin an affluent neighborhood. Especially if their being there is PAID FOR by someone else. Like the taxpayer. Maybe Obama shoulde do it the other way around: move the rich in with the poor, and see how far he gets.

CHANGING DEFINITIONS: That's a common scam among Democrats. If you can't fool people with the original definition of a word, just change it. Now Obama is trying to say “individualism” involves “shared set of values.” What a LOAD of bull dung THAT is. “Individualism” is SELF-RELIANCE. Relying upon YOURSELF, and not demanding help from others. He equates it to letting starving people starve on the street, which it does NOT. It involves helping those less fortunate because you WANT TO, not because you're FORCED to, and with YOUR OWN MONEY, not somebody else's.

HOUSE REJECTS TRADE DEAL: As it should have. NO bill should EVER be passed into law if the American people have no idea what's in it, as with Obamacare. And moreover, the Executive keeps its contents SECRET. No bill in any legislature should be kept secret from the American people. This is NOT a dictatorship, no matter how much Obama may think it is, or wish it were. It's bad enough members of Congress voluntarily refuse to read the bills they sign into law. But to keep them secret from the American people:? That's CRIMINAL!

SMALL SETBACK”: That's what Obama calls his stupendous defeat of his secretive trade bill by the House. “Just a little bump in the road,” he says, before he goes into the closet to cry his eyes out that the Congress would actually disobey his orders. He just couldn't envision the congress actually ACTIVELY disobeying his orders. Not vote, yes. To him, that's just laziness. But vote AGAINST him? Unheard of! No wonder he's crying his eyes out!

DISNEY LAYING OFF DOZENS: While forcing them, on pain of losing their severance pay, to train their REPLACEMENTS, which they're importing from India! Frankly, I'm not going to buy ANYTHING Disney in the future. And did you know Obama forced through a bill in Congress PAYING to import those workers from India, at taxpayer expense? So instead of trying to CREATE jobs, he instead creates jobs for INDIANS by taking them AWAY from Americans!

ACCUSED ME OF BEING TERRORIST”: That's what the guy who opened up on the Dallas Police station said after his terrorist attack on the cop shop. Talk about a “self-fulfilling prophecy!” He said the cops were to blame for his kid being taken from him by CPS and him being accused of terrorism. He really made their accusation come true, didn't he? And maybe cost himself his own life in the process. And here I thought his attack was in support of the current “war on cops,” as a display of disdain for cops. He certainly showed his disrespect for the cops!

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