Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The amount of disrespect to which we are subjecting our cops these days will likely cause a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that they are “trigger-happy” as they respond to the death threats they have received from paid activists. Worse, they're afraid of being punished by overzealous politicians on the thinnest pretexts, for doing their JOBS, as they were by that Baltimore prosecutor who “rushed in” before ANY facts were out, and “indicted” six cops in the death of a prisoner who MAY have inadvertently killed himself in his obvious effort to incriminate the cops, which is a common ploy.

OVER AND OVER: This happens over and over again, and the incompetent politicians in DC and Chicago, and many other places, make very tight gun laws, and crime goes up. Gun crime goes up the most. It is such a common thing that it isn't even news, any more. Tighten the gun laws as they know them, and guns are EASIER to get on the black market, and thus violent crime increases. In NYC's case, it was a 20% homicide increase. But—count on it—they'll attribute it to something entirely different.

OSAMA'S REVENGE: Shortly after Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden, they were put into a slow-moving copter in a war zone. A stupid decision that could have only been made by a really STUPID person or or by someone who WANTED them to be killed. WERE they murdered? and was it on the orders of Obama? Obama got the chance to kill Osama, and he had to do it. Was giving them Seal Team 6 “payback” to keep the Islamic terrorists happy?

A SOVEREIGN, STABLE IRAQ: That's what Obama told us we had as he instructed his troops to cut and run,” leaving the field to the enemy, which they went right out ant TOOK, under a new name, ISIS (Or IS, or whatever). They took back things Americans died to win, using guns and military equipment WE supplied, one way or the other, on Obama's orders. The fact that Iraq is NOT “sovereign, OR stable,” Obama ignores as he sends in more troops (under pressure) to take back what we won before at the cost of many American lives . So he will spend more American lives. I don't know how he signs so many executive orders, with all that blood on his hands.

VARVEL HITS IT ON THE HEAD: Today's editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel shows a TSA agent giving a man a hard time about a water bottle, while guns and explosives still on the table from a previous “customer” are still in sight. This might be a slight exaggeration, but it does illustrate the situation, nicely. My thinking is if the TSA is so incompetent, maybe we could easily get along without them, and the embarrassment they cause.

MOSBY SHOWS HER HAND: I knew there was something wrong when Baltimore prosecutor Marylin Mosby “rushed in” before any of the facts were in and “indicted” those six cops for the death of a prisoner who probably accidentally killed himself while he was trying to incriminate the cops, which is a common scam. Her action in trying to suppress the autopsy report (which is a public document) tells me there's something in it that will “blow her out of the water.”

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