Monday, June 8, 2015

Hillary: GOP Racist!

Well, it's come full circle. The “top candidate” for the Democrat presidential nomination (until another Obama comes along to elbow her aside, again) now says Republicans are RACIST! Apparently she hasn't “tumbled” to the fact that the “racism label” is passe and means NOTHING, any more. Not only that, using it demonstrates her IGNORANCE, and that she has no business being elected to ANY high office.

COMPUTER WENT NUTS! Last Saturday my computer, which had been showing signs of craziness since the day I brought it home, finally “went round the bend”and did some of the strangest things I've ever seen a computer do. I rushed it to the computer hospital, but it didn't make it. It is now doing duty as a doorstop in the computer mausoleum, which is just about what it's good for now. This one's better, but it has a strange keyboard it will take me a while to get used to.

SNOOTY BI-CH! I don't know how Hillary Clinton ever expects to get enough votes to become president (or anything else) if she keeps treating her fawning acolytes like this. At one event, billed as a “meet the folks” event, a lady approached her and asked her to pose for a photo together. She told her TWICE to “Go to the back of the line!” This is the kind of elitist crap that separates her from human beings, and I doubt she can overcome it. At least, I HOPE she will not be able to. We don't need such an a—hole as president—or anything else, for that matter.

ATHEISTS SUCK: Not because they don't believe in God. That's their right. But others have the same right to believe in the “God of their choice.” I think they “suck” because they refuse to recognize that right in others. They're constantly trying to force the removal of religious symbols and doing all they can to get in the way of religious people. The latest contretemps they caused was over the Pledge of Allegiance, fergawdsake! They're always itching to get rid of ANY mention of “God,” anywhere. They just refuse to understand that the Constitution banned ANY laws regarding religion or the practice thereof. Which does NOT mean to remove religion from our hearing or consciousness. It means, NO LAW. PERIOD!

LAY IT ON THE REPUBLICANS: Now liberals are saying Bruce/Caitland Jenner BS is a CONSERVATIVE thing. Which is a LIE Transsexualism and/or sex change has NEVER been a conservative thing. It has always been a LIBERAL thing, and still is. Damned fools really think we'll buy that crap. But then, Democrats aren't too swift, are they?

AND THEY HAD TO LIE: This is typical “gotcha reporting” from the New York Times. They were searching furiously for something, ANYTHING to use against a Republican presidential candidate, and not having much luck. They finally came up with a few traffic tickets (no details, of course, on what they were for). Four, in fact, in 18 years. But that wasn't enough to make an exciting headline, so they added in his wife's tickets, which numbered 13, and ran the headline that “Between Them They Got 17 Tickets.” Sounds like really bad drivers, doesn't it? Not in today's world, where they hide the speed limit signs and run speed traps all over. But that's politics, I guess.

JUST DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN: White House Press fool Josh earnest thinks the way to self defense is to DISARM yourselves. He really thinks criminals and crazies OBEY gun laws, so all we have to do to stop the gun violence is to make more laws. It really works, doesn't it? Ask Chicago; or New York; or Detroit, where tight gun laws prevail, and where gun violence abounds. Apparently, Josh has “drunk the Kool-Aid” on gun control and his mind is forever warped. What amazes me is how supposedly otherwise intelligent people can BUY this crap. To think that CRIMINALS will OBEY their laws is the heights of stupidity.

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