Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Killing al-Qaida

We killed one of the top men in al-Qaida. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Throw him out on the garbage heap where he belongs and go on. Probably the reason why we never get to kill THE top man is he stays too well hidden. That's probably how he got to BE the top man. So now let's go and kill the top man in ISIS. Or did we? Is there really two different organizations? It's like the difference between McDonald's and Burger King. They're the same thing under different names. So let's get rid of both of 'em. They all have six different names, anyway.

WHY IS HILLARY EVEN CONSIDERED? One of thew things I've wondered is why Hillary Clinton, with all her many unresolved scandals, is not in prison. Why instead, she's considered “a front-runner” in the presidential race, on the Democrat side. That tells me a lot about the quality of candidates the Democrats can put up, and how much CRIMINAL ACTION they will not only put up with, they will HIDE. What amazes me further is that REPUBLICANS ignore her crimes and treat her as if she were “just another candidate,” never talking about her crimes.

WHY WE COULD GO COMMUNIST: Democrats talk incessantly about “income disparity.” About the “gap between rich and poor.” About the “need” to “redistribute wealth” in this country. About the need to PUNISH those capable and willing to EARN their own way, while making jobs for those who cannot, but who are at least, willing to work. They think those with NO TALENTS or abilities should make as much as those highly talented people. Accepting this kind of thinking is how communism got started in Russia. And it only lasted as long as those who were still willing to work created wealth for the government to STEAL, for the benefit of the lazy.

SOCIETAL STUPIDITY: It amazes me too, how society in general can be so stupid. How people who seem to be otherwise intelligent “buy” such bullderm swindles as global warming (or “climate change,” or whatever Gore calls his swindle now). Even OBAMA and the POPE have “jumped on the bandwagon.” I can understand how a con man like Obama can buy it, but for the POPE to buy it is really amazing. It has been DISPROVEN so many ways, even a five-year-old can understand it's a swindle. So why do so many ADULTS buy into it?

I FEEL LIKE I CAN WALK: In recent years my legs have gotten worse and worse, to the point where I can barely walk from one end of the house to another, and it's almost impossible for me to walk out to the car,. But that's okay. I “feel like” I can walk fine. If Bruce Jenner can BE a woman just because he “feels like it,” and Rachel Donezal can be black just by “identifying” with the black race, I can certainly regain my ability to walk without pain by “identifying with” people who have no trouble walking. Damn! It's not working. I still can't walk a few feet without pain! If it won't work for me, who does it work for then?

WHO STANDS WITH COPS? That's a question I saw asked recently. I only saw it in passing so I can't comment on who asked it. But it's STUPID QUESTION. Absolutely, I DO! And everybody with any sense at all does, too. If somebody tries to break into your house, who do you call? The COPS! Who else? If somebody tries to kill you, who do you call? the COPS! Absolutely. Do you call the local street gang? Probably not. It may be them attacking you. Yes, there might be a FEW cops who are, but as a rule, not. You can usually be pretty sure the cops aren't out to rob you. They're there to try and PROTECT you. Just don't become a threat to them.

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