Saturday, June 20, 2015

Left Hasn't the Answers

Everything they come up with is wrong. They HATE the rich. But without the rich there wouldn't be anything for them to steal to give to people who don't deserve it, which is their basic credo: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each, according to his NEED.” They NEED the rich, or they'd have nothing to LOOT. Logically, that's true. But those on the left generally deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. In addition, they say “there are no absolutes,” which is self-denying. They don't even realize that in saying that, they have made a STATEMENT of an absolute. They're not really too bright, are they?

MOSBY NEEDS TO BE FIRED: Marilyn Mosby, state's attorney in Baltimore, MD, should be fired, forthwith. She not only “rushed to judgment” in indicting those six cops who were only doing their duty when they arrested Freddy Gray. Then, when the autopsy results came out,most likely showing Gray inadvertently killed HIMSELF while trying to incriminate those cops, which is a common theme, she tried her best to have it stifled so she wouldn't be found out. What Freddie didn't know is that it was way too soon after his back surgery for banging his head against a wall and for fighting cops. The cops should be released forthwith, and relieved of all charges, and the city should pay them for their trouble.

TAKE”EM OUT AND SHOOT 'EM: People like the guy in Charleston, SC, who went into a church, fergawdsake! And killed nine people, need to be taken out back and SHOT. Immediately. No “show trial,” no “observation of his rights,” no “time allowed for appeal,” no spending millions of dollars on a trial, nothing. Do to him the exact same thing he did to his victims. He didn't “observe their rights,” did he? Equal punishment for his crime. If he's convicted (IF?) and sentenced to death, he will probably outlive a lot of us as the "system" dithers and diddles about putting him to death. His bail was set at a million dollars. I can't believe bail was available to this monster.

CHINA HARD ON MUSLIMS: They force them to sell liquor in Muslim stores (do they also force Muslims to BUY liquor, and to drink it?), keep on eating during Ramadan fasting period, and to stay away from mosques.. They're going in the right direction, but, as usual, they take it a little too far. I wouldn't be surprised if they forced Muslim butchers and grocers to sell ham and bacon, and pork—and force Muslims to eat it. That's a good way to spark a real uprising and a rebellion; push them too far. But then, the Chinese have been TOTALLY in charge in communist China for so long, they think they can get away with ANYTHING. But WE'RE going too far in the OTHER direction. Our government goes out of its way to AVOID offending Muslims. That's just as wrong. Muslims see that as weakness, and push for more. And with Obama in charge, they'll get it.

OBAMA: “LET IT BE SO”: Obama has spoken. He has said, “Let trucks show better fuel economy.” And his chief acolytes, the EPA and DOT have taken up his “word,” and have made directives to make it be so. Never mind that if it were possible, the trucking companies would have done it long ago, for their own profit's sake. Obama just thinks if he orders them to do it, they'll make it happen. But that's Obama; stupid to the core.

SUICIDE WATCH”: Word is, Dylan Roof (what helluva name!), the killer in the Charleston, SC church massacre, who killed nine people for whatever stupid reason was in his “fevered brain,” is so disturbed that he had killed nine people that he wanted to commit suicide. What the hell did he THINK was going to happen when he pointed a gun at nine people and pulled the trigger? I say, forget the suicide watch. If he wants to kill himself , let him. HELP him if he needs it. It'll save SC the cost of trying him for what we all know he did, and going through all the gut-wrenching testimony that will ensue.

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