Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Forgotten His Accomplishments"

Obama is disappointed to receive letters calling him an idiot for not attaining all his goals during his presidency and for “forgetting” all his accomplishments. Funny, In can't remember any, either. Maybe that's because what he considers “accomplishments” I consider abominations. He says the economy has “come back,” but I beg to differ. Millions are STILL unemployed, and more millions have given up on ever finding a job. He says they have forgotten how they have benefited. Maybe that's because they HAVEN'T “benefited. They don't live in the “dream world” Obama lives in. They have to face reality.

POPE JUMPS ON BANDWAGON: I don't know what was said, or who said it, to convince the POPE to jump on the global warming swindle bandwagon. If he's an honest man, he believes in it If he's not an honest man, he has no business being Pope. In any case, to people with intelligence, his promoting it should make no difference because his “buying it” can only be one of two things: either he's ignorant enough to buy into it, or he's as dishonest as all the others (including Obama) who are promoting this many-times disproved swindle. In any case, he knows less than NOTHING about the climate sciences, so he should just shut his pie hole!

MORE USELESS PAPERWORK: At least in one place, California, I think, they've created yet another new kind of a “restraining order” to “keep people from hurting others.” There's only one problem: they haven't yet invented a restraining order that HAS successfully stopped anybody from hurting the subject of the order. That's because the only way to enforce such an order is when the subject can PROVE the one the order is on had violated it. And the proof is usually the death or serious injury of the subject. The RO is usually discovered AFTER the crime. All that means is they can keep the person it's on in prison longer. The subject is not helped.

NYC'S BAIT & SWITCH: Everybody with any intelligence at all knows New York City has just about the highest tax rates in the country, along with the highest cost of living anywhere. Now they're running an ad campaign all over the country telling businesses if they move there they won't have to pay any taxes for TEN YEARS. Wow! NO taxes for TEN YEARS! Gee, golly gawrsh! Only problem with that is if they live and do business there for ten years they've put down roots, and it's hard to move, so then they'll be STUCK paying the highest tax rates in the country for the rest of their lives. And I'd bet New York puts them in a special higher tax category, then.

I CAN'T MAKE IT WORK! In a world where men want to be women and say “I identify as a woman” and make it stick, white girls “identify as black,” and make THAT stick (I don't know how), I'd like to “identify” with young men with good legs who can walk easily anywhere I want to go. Uuunnggghhh! It doesn't work! No matter how much I want it to work, it won't. I'm 77 years old, and I can barely make it to my car without a lot of pain. Why doesn't it work for me? Maybe it's because I'm not a liberal. My “flights of fancy” aren't nearly as real to me as theirs are to them.

I FORGIVE HIM”: Charleston, SC Christians give us a lesson in forgiveness, but theirs is wrong-headed. You don't forgive a man who wantonly shot and killed nine people in a CHURCH, fergawdsakes! If you're going to wantonly kill a bunch of people, a church is not the place to do it. A church is where you celebrate LIFE, not end it. A monster like Dylan 'Roof doesn't deserve forgiveness. He deserves RETRIBUTION. If it were up to me, I'd take him out back of the church where he murdered so many people and shoot him. Not in the head, where he would die instantly and with only an instant of pain, but I would “gut-shoot” him so it would be a long, and painful death for him. I would do the same to any ISIS members (or any other Islamic terrorists, whatever name or names they use) if I were in charge of dealing with them.

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