Thursday, June 4, 2015

Health Care Swindle

One of the ways Obama tries to make us think we're doing better is to tell us easily proven LIES we already KNOW are lies. Like those he told to get his health care law PASSED: That you can keep your doctor, keep your hospital, and your health care insurance costs will go DOWN about $2,500 a month, on average. In reality, your costs have gone UP an average of $2,500 a month, and thousand dollar DEDUCTIBLES have been added to make your insurance USELESS. Meanwhile, you can't keep your doctor or hospital because they're quitting and going out of business because they can no longer afford to stay IN business under Obamacare. Meanwhile, insurance companies are also going out of the health care business because it costs them too much to operate with all the added red tape Obamacare adds to their daily work. The whole health care fiasco is one of Obama's SWINDLES.

PROSECUTING DISSENTERS: AlGore wants to prosecute those who say his global warming swindle is a swindle (though under what LAW I can't fathom). Now several others, including Sheldon Whitehouse, (D-RI), of course, have joined that chorus. When all else fails, make a law against dissenting. Then you no longer have to even TRY to prove your thesis if you can send somebody to jail, just for disagreeing with you. It's a “wonderful thing” to be able to IMPRISON those who disagree with you. Then you don't have to PROVE anything. Just send dissenters to prison. That shis is what DICTATORS do seems lost on these fools.

TELLING ONE SIDE ONLY: I just read a statistic put out by the liberal media that disturbs me greatly: it is that cops kill somebody every 7.5 hours in this country. Which, by itself, would be frightening if the number of people killed by criminals (including cops) were IGNORED. That's a common liberal gambit: give out a disturbing figure that, by itself, scares people, while IGNORING the motivation behind those shootings—which is people shooting other people (including cops) and getting shot, in return.

GIVING AWAY THE STORE: That's what Obama is doing. He has resurrected that old saw, the “Arms Treaty” that nobody thought we should sign before because it would require giving away our sovereignty. And chances he will succeed before he is FORCED to leave office (unless he figures out a way to stay in office) is quite possible. This man is the worst danger there has ever been to our safety, because he knows he can get away with just about anything, since nobody will speak out against him. Either they're afraid of being called “racist,” or they're just in on “the fix” that's in.

CAIR EXEC CAUGHT IN CHILD PORN: Ahmad Saleem, l leader in CAIR, (Council on American-Islamic Relations), was caught recently going to a house where he expected to be having sexual relations with a child as young as TEN. That kind of thing is “okay” in his culture because his “prophet” had a 6-year-old WIFE. But it ISN'T okay here, and he's going to find that out after a few years in prison—unless somebody “wimps out” and lets him “skate.” Muslims talk a lot about OUR “corrupt culture,” without considering the corruption in their RELIGION.

THE WRONG TARGET: Pamela Geller has been the target of a lot of liberals (and even some conservatives) who say she's “asking for it” by sponsoring art contests she KNOWS Muslims will not like. But this completely ignores that the First Amendment to our Constitution recognizes her RIGHT to do so, whether or not they like it I guess if you have no plausible arguments in favor of your position, you can always KILL your opponents.

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