Friday, June 12, 2015

Cuomo Is A Damned Fool!

There will never be a shortage of fools stupid enough to think that if you just APPEASE extremists, they will leave you alone. CNN host Andrew Cuomo is one of them. He tried to make Pam Geller obey Sharia Law and stop provoking Islamic terrorists. But she wasn't havin' any. She told him to go pee up a rope, or words to that effect. By doing so, he showed he hasn't a clue about what makes people like Geller tick. If she's not afraid to offend people who want to kill her for it, she SURE ain't afraid if this wimp.

LEARNING TO BE MUSLIM: You can't teach Christianity, or any other religion in public schools. You can't even say a WORD that is used in Christian worship, in pubic schools. But you damned sure CAN do so on the MUSLIM “religion!” So much so that 50 “educators” in Lebanon, Pennsylvania attended an all day workshop on Islam, at taxpayer expense. What the hell can we do to stop the “Islamization of America” if our very SCHOOLS do such stupid things as this? With the APPROVAL of the “administrators?” Islam CLAIMS to be a “religion.” The way the Constitution is interpreted, you cannot even MENTION religion in schools. How then, can this happen without somebody being at least fired or go to jail?

PLOT AGAINST COPS: It's proven by the actions of the school authorities in McKinney, TX, who FIRED a school principle for SUPPORTING that cop who pulled his gun (not on teenagers who were just being teenagers) on a couple of young thugs who were advancing on him (one appearing to reach for a gun) as he dealt with an obstreperous teenage girl who would not obey his lawful order. The proof that “the fix is in” is that this school principle was fired just for stating the TRUTH about the situation, not the narrative that has been pushed by the “powers that be” in their efforts to discredit ALL police actions they can, and they want no disagreement.

A GOOD QUESTION: Pat Robertson got in trouble for his answer to a woman's question about “Why did God allow my baby to die? Actually, it was a good question in a world where they think God controls everything. But he does NOT. He judges what happens, but does NOT control things. He SAID so, when he “gave us free will.” I'm not a “religious fanatic,” but I am capable or READING what the Bible says, and that's what it says. People live, and people die. He does not control that. What He does control is what happens to them AFTER they die, according to the Bible—if you read it right.

WERE THEY CIGARETTES? Liberals are SO worried that a picture of Obama might be showing him holding a pack of cigarettes. Who the hell cares? In a world where ISIS runs wild, killing thousands and thousands, mostly non-Muslims, for BEING non-Muslims, the economy is “going to hell,” joblessness rates continue to rise, millions of people are not only out of work, they have GIVEN UP on ever finding work, some liberals are worried about whether or not the president is still smoking. Why do people worry about things that are just not important? To get our minds off what IS important! The same is true about people who are making a lot of noise about changing the meaning of the word “marriage.” We need to be spending more time on things that ARE important.

I'M SCARED OF MY WIFE”: Word is, Obama has stopped smoking, because his wife wants him to do so. It's a pity the most powerful man in the world (even if he doesn't know it) can't even stand up to his own wife and tell he that “If I want to smoke, I WILL smoke!" But he says he's “scared of Michelle,” and I don't blame him, I'd be scared of her too, if I had to live close to that big, loud mouth. Damn, what a WITCH she is! Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, Barack."  Tell the witch to go to hell.

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