Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Autopsy Report

The leaked autopsy report that inexperienced, young female “state's attorney” tried to suppress to cover up her own incompetence did tell a story. He died from “blunt force trauma” they attribute to “tough driving” on the part of the cop driving the “wagon,.” and him not being strapped in Good luck on proving that. For my part, it just proves that he was beating his head against the wall, trying to incriminate the arresting officers, planning on accusing them of “police brutality.” Any halfway decent lawyer could make that work. That still doesn't rise to second degree murder. It's an accidental death, at most, and MAYBE a violation of protocol.

DON'T BAN CONFEDERATE FLAG: There's a movement now to BAN the Confederate Flag, or any image containing it, right down to the car in that ubiquitous television show involving an orange-colored car (“Dukes of Hazard”). Don't do it. If you do, you will begin a “slippery slope” that, in today's world, will end up banning the U. S. Flag. They never banned the Nazi Flag, and the image that invokes is a lot worse. Anybody who would fly that flag today, illustrates their own feeble-mindedness, anyway. And we need something to point them out.

OBAMA MAKES IT WORSE: After RELEASING 30,000 illegal alien MURDERERS so they can murder some more people (they cooperated by killing 121 people between 2010 and 2014) and who knows how many since. Now he's directing his people when they “troll” prisons and jails to IGNORE illegal immigrant prisoners incarcerated there. What the hell's WRONG with this fool? Does he plan on figuring out reasons to release other killers from prison and turning them loose on this society? This is a FOUL CRIME and he should be punished as an accessory to EVERY MURDER committed by those he ordered released.

UP 3 TO 4 FEET: Obama is going about saying that, “In out lifetime, if we don't do something, the ocean levels are going to go up 3 to 4 feet. How much bullsh-t does he expect us to swallow? There's nothing in REAL climate science to support these lies, but he doesn't care. By the time they find out for sure he's lying, we'll ALL be dead, anyway, of old age (him, too). And he will have reaped the benefit of fooling all the idiots at which he's aiming these lies. NOAA's own data shows the world has COOLED 10 degrees in the last 10 years.

JUST LIKE I SAID: They aren't going to stop with the Confederate Flag. They're already calling for the banning of what they call the “Fascist, anti-Christian, Gay Parade Flag.” I wouldn't want to fly that flag, but, under the First amendment, I would have that right, even if people hated it. That's what freedom of expression is all about. You can't ban it just because it infuriates you.

DON'T PAY RANSOMS: The feds actually threatened prosecution of a mother who was negotiating to pay a ransom for the release of her son by Islamic terrorists. Then they changed their minds and put a “price tag” on all of us who wander into their clutches by saying it's now okay for private people who WILL pay ransom, even if they still won't. I say don't pay ANY ransoms. To do so just makes it more profitable for these CRIMINALS masquerading under a terrorist flag to increase their “take.” I know that would be hard on current kidnappees, but it will be better for possible future kidnappees if they KNEW they would never get any money.

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