Saturday, June 27, 2015

Destroying Freedom of Religion

Barack Hussein Obama thinks he's the king. He has now told his followers to “help” people “forget” their religious convictions. It's as if the Constitution never existed. Forget their convictions? Not a chance! A “conviction” is just that. Not subject to change, even if six fools in black robes decree it at his orders. I wish I knew why somebody tried to kill Ronald Reagan. He never did ANYTHING as outrageous as Obama does, every day. I guess Joe in the next seat down is good insurance against assassination. But I think that insurance is growing thin. Obama is going WAY too far. I really fear that we might soon lose yet another president. I guess liberals are easier to incite to murder than are conservatives.

IT'S UNDER ATTACK: Freedom of religion is one of our basic human rights, recognized by the Constitution. And it's under attack. The “certification” by the Supreme Court that gay marriage was “okay” was a turning point in that attack, with the president himself telling us we need to “change our religious convictions” that a person of the same sex could not “marry” another of the same sex, and now California passing a law FORCING people who have religious convictions against vaccination to get them anyway is just one more example of ignoring our constitutionally-guaranteed religious conviction. Obama will always be known as the president who destroyed our Constitution.

WHITES DON'T CARE ABOUT BLACKS”: “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan says, “Whites don't care about blacks,” and he is one of the biggest reasons if that is true. Why should anybody care about people who go around spouting “Kill whitey!” If anybody doesn't like (certain) blacks, there's a good reason. But nobody hates blacks who don't buy Farrakhan's bullsh-t. If people don't like him and his fools, they've brought it on themselves. You just can't talk about killing people without making them mad.

GOVERNED BY SHARIA? A recent poll shows that about half of Muslim-Americans want to be governed by Shartia Law. They also think (25% of them) that violence against Americans IN America can be justified as part of the global Jihad. I think they just gave us justification for deporting ALL Muslims and refusing entry to the rest. They also think violence against Americans for “insulting the prophet” is justified. What about their insults to Jesus? Is violence against Muslims for that justified? No. Their “justified violence” is always one-sided. I think it's instructive that this “poll” was only with 600 Muslims out of the millions living here.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES (AGAIN): The world is justifiably worried about the two escaped convicts in New York. They should be. There's no telling how many innocent people those two could kill before being caught. But nobody is worried about the 30,000 convicted killers Obama caused to be RELEASED into society. That's because they're illegal aliens, who seem to be “special cases.” They've killed 121 people since then, and no telling how many since that number was released. But nobody seems to be worried about them. Nobody's even LOOKING for them. What the hell is wrong with Obama? And what's wrong with this country for putting up with his crimes?

THEY'RE IN TROUBLE: If Ted Cruz's obsession with video games is all the left has to criticize Ted Cruz about, they're in big trouble. I'm sure they're digging deep, every day, trying to find something, ANYTHING to use in derailing his bid for the presidency so he won't “upset their applecart” by taking it away from them. Maybe they should follow him into the bathroom to see if he sits down to pee. That'd be like them. Making a big thing over nothing in their quest to keep power so they can disrupt as many lives as possible. Maybe if they'd spend less time and money on that and more on governing, they'd stop being so incompetent at governing. Everywhere liberals are in charge, they're in trouble. And, of course, they deny it's their incompetence that's at fault.

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