Thursday, June 11, 2015

Misplaced Priorities

MISPLACED PRIORITIES:In a world where members of a murderous phony religion is killing people, left and right, for not believing in their religion, where the UN is threatening to take us over with the HELP of our president, and cops are more afraid of incompetent politicians punishing them for doing their jobs than of criminals who have sworn to kill them, everybody seems to be worried about a major male athlete who wants to be a woman, or about gay couples who want to force bakers to bake the cakes for their “weddings,” even if it's against their religion.

SHOWING THEIR STUPIDITY: Politicians show their stupidity in many ways. One of them is supporting “minimum wage laws,” which shows how little they know about running a business. Employers pay as MUCH as they can AFFORD to each employee, based on his skills and abilities, and how hard he/she would be to replace. Making a law to FORCE them to pay more will not change the economics of the situation. If they can't AFFORD that wage, that person will LOSE his/her job. That's fact, not fiction.

ANOTHER WAY TO SHOW STUPIDITY: Believing that CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will obey a law that says they can't be armed when they commit their crimes, is yet another way incompetent politicians can show his/her stupidity then there's believing disarming honest citizens will help them defend themselves is another. Actually, the vary BASIC belief in most Democrats that socialism is the way to go, shows an abject stupidity that can't be understood by humans.

MICHELLE'S USUAL FACE: Seems like every time I see a picture of Michelle Obama, her face is “twisted up” and she's screaming at somebody. I don't think I've ever seen a more angry woman living in the White House and spending our tax money like it was hers while whining that hers is "such a hard life." Most of them just “stay in the background,” where they belong, not having been elected to ANY office. Michelle obviously feels like she HAS been elected to something, even though she hasn't, and it's her duty to “right many wrongs” in the world. This “angry female” needs to be kept hidden to keep from pissing off so many people. The damned woman offends me, if that means anything to Obama, me not being a Muslim. And her being black has nothing to do with it. She's a boob, black, white, or PURPLE.

COPS ALWAYS GET THE BLAME: Whenever anything happens, the story always gets twisted to make the cops look bad. In that “beach party” case, that cop was doing his duty exactly as he should, trying to restrain an obstreperous female (whatever her age) who just wouldn't do what he told her, and was cussing him like she was a sailor. Then he was rushed by two men, one of them looking like he was reaching for a gun. He drew his gun, causing them to flee while he holstered his gun and finished with the girl, whom he was NOT hurting unduly. The whole thing was so unnerving to him, he resigned, rather than continue to fight the “cop hate” that abounds in this country, today.

THEY'RE IN TROUBLE: Democrats will tell you what and who they're the most afraid of. It's what they work the hardest to discredit and get rid of. Like Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. It becomes obvious who they fear, because those are the ones they work the hardest to discredit, even before an election. They fear Sarah most of all, which is why they dispensed with her a long time ago. Now they're working on Rubio, but if they can't come up with more than a few traffic tickets and the fact that he bought a yacht with money he EARNED, they're in real trouble.

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