Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dictator Scores Again

THE DICTATOR SCORES AGAIN: One of the hallmarks of a dictator is that people don't get to say things against him with impunity. That was proven again in a Georgia school when a teacher was forced into retirement after “bad-mouthing him” in class, and parents (obviously staunch Obama supporters in their ignorance) complained. She told them that Obama was a Muslim and that anybody voting for him could not be considered a Christian. She was right, but I agree she shouldn't have been spouting her political views in her classroom. But being forced into retirement? Way too harsh a punishment. A good butt-chewing would have done nicely. I hope I don't get fired for this. Oh, wait! I don't have a job, any more. I'm too old and broken up.

GOTTA PASS IT TO KNOW WHAT'S IN IT”: Nancy Peelosi said it, and it was stupid then. It's stupid, and CRIMINAL Now it seems to be routine. Now, as Obama tells us (and Congress) it is “Sealed” until it is passed into law, it is a blatant violation of constitutional provisions. Will any of our pathetic politicians say, or DO anything about it? Or will they let him continue to “slap them around?” I really get tired of watching these outrages while NOBODY does anything about it. They accused Bush of acting like a dictator, but he never did ANYTHING like this!

KIDS BEAT CITY HALL: A couple of little girls opened up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy their dad a Father's Day present. They were doing okay until the cops (who apparently don't have anything better to do) showed up and shut them down because they didn't have a license. But they're back open now, because they don't need a license if they give it away, and just ask for donations. I'd sure hate to be the cop who was outsmarted by an eight-year-old girl! You can probably hear the giggling from the police station a block away.

WHY PEOPLE HATE COPS: It is because of cops like the ones in the above item, that people hate cops. These cops, instead of doing real police work, hassled a couple of little girls, and got their butts handed to them. Most cops do a lot better work, but only this kind of thing seems to get noticed. When a cop runs into a burning house to rescue a child, nobody notices. But if he shoots a giant thug who is bent on killing him with his bare hands, the media is all over it, and people like the Baltimore states attorney RUSH to take advantage of it. I'm tired of it.

WON'T LET IT GO AWAY”: The Clintons are still hounded by questions about their corruption and Bill is complaining that “it won't go away.” And why should it, BIll? You won't answer them, and until you do, they will not “go away,” And you should not expect them to, unless you're stupid. But we've established that, haven't we? If you really think the questions will 'go away” until they're resolved, you ARE stupid. Of course, ifn you DO address them, you'll probably go to jail, but we won't talk about that.

FIVE GENERATIONS OF COPS: Baltimore states attorney Marilyn Mosby said she “comes from five generations of cops” in defense to charges that she “has it in for cops.” But it wasn't all “sniffing the roses.” Her dad was an acknowledged (by her) crooked cop who “shook down” drug dealers, and her grandfather sued the cops for racism (nobody knows how that suit came out) after he lost an eye on duty and wasn't hired back because of it, even though four white men with one eye (each) were. She just might harbor a little hatred because of that, but she's not talking.

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