Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Congressional Inaction"

That's what Obama calls it when Congress doesn't do his bidding. He thinks the Congress is there to follow his orders. So when they don't do what he tells them to do, he calls it “inaction.” How cocky IS this fool? Congress is on an even footing with him. He cannot “order” them around. And if they don't do what he wants, tough. It's NOT “congressional inaction,” it's Congress disagreeing with him and acting on it. Somebody needs ot slap him around a bit and straighten him out on just who has the power.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: I told you about “good days and bad days.” Yesterday was a “bad day.” I'm 77. What can I say? I spent most of the day in my doctor's office. Turned out to be nothing serious, but it was bothersome. And it took up enough time to make me so late, I just didn't have enough energy to post anything. Being 100 degrees didn't help.

TSA IS USELESS: Like most “federal agencies,” the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is USELESS. It missed 95% of the things they are THERE to spot! They are supposed to keep us safe by finding hidden bombs and other weapons people bring onto airplanes. But they MISSED 95% of the things brought to them by federal agents TESTING their system. Nobody knows how many REAL bombs and other dangerous things they missed while they were busy enjoying feeling us up and watching the naked images of passengers on their monitors.

THE DELUSIONAL PRESIDENT: Obama went on television the other day and told the nation that, “Under my watch, this country has become the most respected and trusted nation on the globe.” Where does he GET these delusional notions? The other day he told us he was the most popular president ever. And before that, climate change was the biggest threat we had; a proven SWINDLE that has made a BILLIONAIRE out of its originator, AlGore. And he tells us there are NO SCANDALS in his administration. Really? I count about 35 unresolved scandals. Some of which he shares with Hillary. Does this guy live in a dream world? Or does he just think that if he says it, it will be true? Which is the same thing.

OBAMA'S “RACE CZAR”: It's not official, I know. But Al, uh, Sharpton seems to be Obama's “race czar. Every time something comes up where he can whip up more black hating white racism, he's there. I don't know who pays his air fare, but he seems to have plenty of money to pay it, and appears instantly wherever he can do the most damage to race relations in this country. Maybe he teleports. Of course, making race relations worse is how he makes his money. In that, he is fast outstripping his chief competitor, Jesse Jerkson.

MAKING YOUR WIERDNESS “THE NORM”:There was a day when if you were gay, you hid it. You kept it in the bedroom, where it belonged. Today, you go out and HUNT a bakery who will refuse to do business with you because their religious beliefs prevents it. And then when they do, you bring down the full force of the feds upon them, and destroy them. You say “To hell with their right to make yourown decisions that used to be enshrined in the Constitution.” You insist that not only do they bake your cake for your gay “wedding,” they AGREE with your gayness. It's no longer constitutional to make up your own mind about things. I have nothing against gay people. I DO have something against them forcing it on ME. I have a RIGHT to make up my own mind about such things, and I will continue to do so, and to HELL with the “PC Police.”

A DONKEY IN HUMAN FORM: What if I decided I was a “donkey trapped in a human body” and wanted to have surgery to make me into a donkey for real? What if I were black, but wanted to be white. Could I just SAY I was white and demand people believe it? Or the other way around? Could I force people to accept that and provide me with the money to make it come true? And accept me that way, as Bruce Jenner is doing? Just between you and I, there is NOTHING that will ever make him BE a woman. They may surgically make him APPEAR female, but what he really is, is gay, and he won't admit it.

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