Sunday, May 24, 2015

That "Bullying" Lie

Liberals make a big thing of “bullying” in school, and say the most bullying is to black and Hispanics. LIE! According to a recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) says those most likely to be bullied today are WHITE students. Surprise, surprise! Liberals are LYING! Whoda thunkit! Not only that, the percentage of students bullied is DOWN 6% since 2011, the latest year for which figures are available. That's the lowest figure EVER, according to the NCES.

NOT FAR FROM TREE: The “Apple doesn't fall far from the tree,” does it? Al, uh, Sharpton's daughter is suing the City of New York because of her own “fumble-footedness.” They call it, “uneven pavement,” and if she has spent very much time in NY, she ought to be used to it. But she wants $5 million dollars because she stumbled and sprained her ankle. Daddy's probably coaching her in the best way to con her way into a lot of money over a trifle.

GETTIN' A LITTLE BACK: A liberal reporter repeatedly asked Ted Cruz about his stance on gay weddings—until Ted started “interviewing” HIM, asking him why reporters like him are so OBSESSED with gay sex. The guy got very uncomfortable and didn't want to answer his questions. Maybe that's how to handle liberal reporters. Turn it around on THEM. Make them “nervous” for a change.

CAN GOP SAVE ITSELF? That's a question that's been asked lately by both sides. The left because they WANT to destroy the Republican Party; and the right because they're in the process of destroying themselves. Everything they've done lately goes right along with the Democrats, and that's the best way to destroy themselves—and they'd BETTER wake up and smell the tulips! “Knuckle under to the Democrats” much longer and watch how quick the Republican Party implodes. They've got the best majority they've had in years, and they're “throwing it away.”

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: ISIS is rampaging all over Iraq, retaking territory many of our soldiers DIED to gain, and they're threatening to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House" while streaming past our “border guards” as fast as the Mexicans and other South Americans are coming in, to set up their hidden cells and make ready to kill Americans on order, right here in America. The economy is in shambles, and we're on the brink of a race war because of Obama's incendiary rhetoric. And we're arguing over changing the definition of the word MARRIAGE? Where the hell are our BRAINS?

WHAT KIND OF FOOLS ARE THESE? Some fools want to force a pub in England that has been in existence FOREVER to change its name from “”The Fighting Cock” because the name 'OFFENDS CHICKENS! CHICKENS! Does anybody with any INTELLIGENCE at all think CHICKENS even know what a cock IS? Or that they have the intelligence to BE “offended?” And these people pretend to have the right to say what WE may say!

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