Friday, May 15, 2015

Why All the Black Mayors?

If this country is so racist, why is it every time I see a mayor, top cop, sheriff, or governor holding a press conference about one disaster or another, he (or she) is BLACK?As is the Baltimore mayor and the prosecutor who “rushed to judgment” before all the facts were in and indicted six cops, half of which were black, are black—AND female. I'm not complaining, because I don't give a damn something as unimportant the color of the skin of a politician. What I AM calling attention to is the fact that, even in the SOUTH, where racism is supposed to be so rampant, so many top politicians are black, women, and even black women! How is that even POSSIBLE unless the PEOPLE voted them into office?

IT'S WHAT HE DOES! Obama is criticizing “the rich” who send their children to private schools, while HE sends HIS kids to private schools. He thinks we don't notice things like that. Everything he criticizes others for doing, HE is doing. I can't think of a more “two-faced liar politician” today. He criticizes “the rich,” while HE is “filthy rich,” himself, most of which was gained AFTER he became president—which should tell you something. Like the Clintons, who were “:broke” upon leaving the White House (Hillary SAYS), but are worth hundreds of millions now.

IT'S GOP'S FAULT: Democrats, who have been running things for decades in Philly, are blaming the Republicans for the train crash there. They say Republicans have BLOCKED spending any money on infrastructure, while DEMOCRATS block new money for the railroads to use in installing automatic braking on such lines as this. In the city itself, Democrats have been running things there, too. But whenever anything bad happens, they blame the Republicans, even though Republicans can't even get NOTICED there.

FIRE STEPHANOPOULOS: However the hell he spells it. We knew George Stephanopoulos was a Democrat plant when he was hired by ABC, just as we knew Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea was hired as a BRIBE so ABC could get preferential treatment if Hillary was ever elected president. Now it is learned that Stephanoupolos “contributed” $75,000.00 to the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” (This “foundation” is well known as a “money laundering outfit” for the Clintons). How many other things has he done during his stint as an ABC anchor to benefit the Clintons and other Democrats? We all know he is corrupt. We found it out when he testified that he LIED to his own notebook during one appearance before Congress.

SHOULD “BOSTON BOMBER” GET DEATH PENALTY? Absolutely. He wasn't worried about how many people HE killed when he helped set off those bombs. He should have been SHOT when found, as was his brother and co-conspirator. Not given free “room and board” for a long time while the courts decided what we already knew, he is GUILTY. This is not a case where the “evidence” is only “circumstantial” and hinges on a simple lab test. The bombs were traced DIRECTLY to him and his brother. Equal punishment under the law DEMANDS his death. He has said he's “sorry.” He should have thought of that BEFORE setting off those bombs.

SMALL CHANGE” IN FIRST AMENDMENT: Obama is making a “small change” in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Now, in paperwork to accompany citizenship applications, it is now described as “freedom of worship,” not “freedom of religion,” as it has always been, which means outside of the confines of the church, we have no protection. What makes him think he can do that is beyond me. But he has never let constitutional prohibitions inhibit him in the past, why should he now? Obama should be IMPRISONED for multiple violations of the Constitution. That should be the punishment for willful constitutional violations. Unfortunately, the founders neglected to do that.

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