Friday, May 29, 2015

They Did It Again!

The Islamic terrorists “pulled the wool over Obama's eyes” again. Or did they? Is Obama really stupid enough to think that those FIVE top Islamic terrorists he released to obtain the “release” of Beau Bergdahl will not go right back to their former high-ranking positions directing the war against us? Or that they haven't ALREADY contributed to the war against us by phone and Internet? Frankly, I think Obama WANTED to release these murdering trolls and Bergdhal was just his excuse. Did he really not know Bergdahl had deserted when he made that deal? Not a chance! This saboteur is working against us, right out in the open, and nobody seems to be able to see it.

FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL: Obama has talked incessantly about making college “free for everybody” (except for the taxpayers, who have to pay for it, whether or not they want to do so). But meanwhile, he makes student loans crippling and something a student will be paying on all the rest of his/her life. But don't worry. Elect Democrat Bernie Sanders (the self-described socialist) and college WILL be “free for everybody because he'll make YOU pay for it. It's all socialism, but then, most Democrats, including Hillary and Sanders are socialists.

90% TAX IS CRIMINAL: It's COLLECTIVISM! Socialism! Any tax that high is STEALING the earnings of others! And it is an INHIBITOR of commerce. If you don't get to keep but 10% of what you EARN, there's no point in producing new wealth for society, ever. I've always said, back when we DID have a 90% tax bracket, that it was wrong. It was MORALLY wrong. It's STILL morally wrong, and those who think otherwise are stupid, and are obviously jealous of those who CAN earn enough to qualify.

GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES EVERYTHING! Now Al, uh, Sharpton is getting into the global warming act. Which is not surprising. He doesn't want another con man (Obama) getting ahead of him, and now Obama is touting this swindle. So, so is Al. Anything Al can use to con people out of money, Al will use. And if it helps him suck up to Obama, so much the better. Now he's blaming global warming for the floods in Texas. Look for him to go to Texas and “lead some uprisings” against actions that (he thinks) lead to global warming, while soliciting money.

THUG” IS RACIST? So sayeth Marilyn Mosby, the local prosecutor in Baltimore, who “rushed to judgment” in charging six cops with various levels of charges in the death of a black man who fought them soon after having back surgery, and then banged his head against the wall of “the wagon” on the way to police headquarters so he could CLAIM “police brutality,” a common charge criminals make against cops in an attempt to give cops trouble. But he went too far and killed himself. Now this (black) prosecutor is calling cops “thugs.” The very word other blacks are saying is “worse than the N-word.” Go figure.

MAKING WORDS NASTY: Black activists are “nastyizing” the word “thug” so we can't use it to describe the thugs who prey on innocent people. Thugs with badges, others with FEDERAL badges, and those without, who just prey on us. For my part, I will IGNORE this and use the word “thug” where appropriate, and to hell with the “PC Police.” They can stick it up their collective flues, for all of me.

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