Friday, May 8, 2015

Hate Group Unpunished

Obama's Washington never hesitates to call such as the Tea Party a “hate group” while they have NEVER done ANYTHING more than tell people the truth about Obama and his socialist, communist, and Islamic friends are doing to us, But there IS a REAL “hate group out there, espousing the MURDER of babies AFTER they emerge from the womb (Hello, we already do that, BEFORE they emerge). But only WHITE babies. That group is The Black Panthers, whose crimes would fill books, but who are IGNORED by people who COULD do something about their hate, but will not.

I'LL BE WATCHING: I didn't catch the location, but I saw an item on Fox News about a restaurant that is having a “white appreciation day” with a 10% discount for white customers, and already the backlash has begun. I've always said, whenever I read about BLACK appreciation days, black universities, etc. without much notice, and NO backlash, that if anybody ever had a WHITE only celebration, there'd be trouble. There's been a lot of griping, but no real trouble as yet. I'm watching to see what happens.

JUST 16 SECONDS: That's how much time “CBS This Morning” devoted to the “Wall Street Journal” story about IRS employees WILLFULLY cheating on their taxes, first by UNTIMELY filing of their taxes, claiming a tax credit for first-time home buyers without ever buying a home, claiming dependents they didn't have, and such. Most of them were NOT fired, and many actually got BONUSES. Like the cop who shot and killed an innocent mother with her child in her arms at Ruby Ridge getting an AWARD for doing it. NBC's Today, and ABC's “Good Morning” made no mention of it, at all.

HOW TO REDUCE CRITICISM: Simply “DEEM” the words that must be used to describe it as “racist” so people will either stop using them or be branded as a racist if they do. Now they have started calling use of the word “thug” as racist, so we can't so describe the young black THUGS in Baltimore or Ferguson, MO when they riot and LOOT their own people and call for the DEATHS of all cops. And liberals tell us other THUGS shooting and killing cops from ambush is not connected. We KNOW better, but we're asked to believe their BULLSH-T.

WAS GELLER RIGHT? Did she have the right to put on her “Draw the Prophet” contest when she KNEW it would draw fire from Muslim extremists? Absolutely! Is the top fool in the Black Panthers right to call for the MURDER of white infants as soon as they come out of the womb? (Hell, we do that BEFORE they come out of the womb!) She's going to get herself killed because she has, herself, painted a BIG target on her back. But who is going to target the Black Panthers? Obama's government? (It is to LAUGH!) Anybody that does will, of course, be called a “racist,” regardless of what the Panthers have called for.

WHAT WILL OUR CITIES LOOK LIKE? Many liberals (mostly blacks) are calling for the DISARMING of the cops and even getting rid of the cops altogether. How STUPID are they? Without the cops to keep the peace as well as possible, what will happen with criminals “running wild” and shooting up the landscape, taking what they want, and KILLING anybody who disagrees? Some people just don't think through the things they call for. And that's true ALL the time with liberals. For instance, collectivism (socialism, communism) is not possible without capitalism. If capitalists don't make enough money for them to steal, their philosophy falls flat. Yet they continually call for the ELIMINATION of capitalism.

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