Thursday, May 7, 2015

Everybody's Water

Leave it to today's politician to claim the right to limit the collection of rain water by individuals, while THEY do it and profit from it. In Colorado, a bill to PROHIBIT people from collecting rain water passed one House, but failed in the other. The only reason to do that is to benefit “water-sellers.” Defeating that bill is a GOOD thing. Water belongs to EVERYBODY. Nobody has to MAKE water. It just IS. And you can't DESTROY water. You can only temporarily change its form. There is no such thing as a SHORTAGE of water, only in its distribution in different parts of the globe, which is Nature's business, not ours. You cannot morally deny water to ANYBODY, for without it, we'll die.

ONLY WORKS ONE WAY: To gays went into a Christian-owned bakery, after a long search for one, and demanded they bake a cake for their gay marriage. They refused, and these gays (with the help or the feds) “brought down the wrath of God” upon them, putting them out of business and putting them $135,000.00 in debt. Two Christians went into a Muslim-owned bakery and asked them to make a cake with some Christian Bible verses on it, and the Muslims refused. Surprise, surprise! Nobody said ANYTHING, or DID anything. Why? Because it was CHRISTIANS asking MUSLIMS to bake their cake! I'm still waiting for the fireworks to start (tongue firmly in cheek).

KILLING PAM GELLER” The vote is in! ISIS has voted to kill Pamela Geller (As if a “Vote was required!). She has let too much truth get out about their nefarious activities, so she's gotta go! Frankly, I don't know how she has escaped one of their easily arrived at death sentences thus far (If you FART in their direction they'll kill you). It's too bad there is a powerful “pseudo religion” in existence that responds with death sentences whenever anybody displeases them. Of course, they'll kill you if you don't convert to their phony “religion” and, once you've “converted” to stay alive, if you convert to any other religion later, they'll sentence you to death, anyway To me, that means we need to impose our own death sentences. On their religion!

THE RELIGION OF PEACE”: Right—there have been more wars fought and more people killed in the fight over which religion is the real “religion of peace,” than for any other reason. Maybe we should stop worrying about which one is the “most peaceful” religion. Fewer people would die to decide which one. I have to say the Christian religion “had its day” with “The Inquisition.” But they actually got smart and stopped killing people who didn't think and worship the way the “powers that be” thought they should. The Muslims never got that memo. They're still murdering people who don't worship the way they approve. But then, what can you expect from seventh century thinking?

MUSEUMS ARE FOR WHITE FOLKS”: Michelle Obama is again out there pushing her brand of racism. That is, lack hatred for “white folks.” At a recent museum opening, where she should have been CELEBRATING that museum, she AGAIN condemned museums in general for “not being welcoming for people who look like me.” Frankly, I wouldn't be “welcoming” for Michelle because of her “white hatred” brand of racism. Most of the pictures I see of this fool show her racially twisted face. She and her husband have been “whipping up” racism ever since they crawled out from under their rock.

SCRAPING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL?” Some people are now saying the Democrats are “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in their quest to retain their stranglehold on the government by saying Hillary is a “sure thing” to be nominated. And they're right. But they're talking about the wrong side of that bottom. They think it is the upper side of the bottom. I say it is the LOWER side. You know, like the underside of a rock, where the scum resides. Where Obama came from. Pushing Hillary so hard tells us they somewhere, in their feeble minds, realize that, and can't find anybody else. Hillary is the “worst of the worst.”

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