Sunday, May 17, 2015

At Least He Answers Questions!

Jeb Bush is getting a lot of flack (mostly from Democrats) for his answer to the question about if he would do the same things as his brother did regarding the Iraq war. Missed in all the hooraw is that the question, as asked, was aboiut what he would do under “what they knew then,” not what we know now, and he answwred that he would, indeed, have invaded Iraq. But, unlike Hillary, he does at least ANSWER questions from the press.
POWER OUTAGE: Some guy flubbed his dub and ran over a roadside transformer on the freeway and took it out. It took them almost 24 hours to find another one and get it installed and working. Meanwhile we just suffered while they made numerous promises about when it would come back on, all of them wrong.The power went out at about 3 PM Friday and back on (for the last time) about 2 PM Saturday. It went on and off three times before finally coming on and staying on. The outage not only caused me not to be able to use the computer, it took me off the WiFi so I couldn't post anything.; Sorry, folks.

IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO: I maintain that invading Iraq and “taking out” Saddam was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do, even under what we know today. They DID ultimately find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even though Saddam had most of them shipped to Syria during the period while we dithered about whether or not to invade. The evidence was there that he helped TRAIN those who did the 9/11 atrocity, and that he gave Islamic terrorists money and a “safe harbor “between missions.”

TO BE EXPECTED: When Americans attacked an Islamic terrorist compound in Syria, they used civilians as “cover,” making us shoot them before we got to the terrorists, as usual. That this gives them a PR victory goes without saying. But in the long run it didn't do them much good, as we killed all their outer guards, as well as their top “oil production” man. They try to play his death down, saying he “wasn't such a much” in the normal scheme of things, but he was in complete charge of their oil acquisition.. Of course, since he was so unimportant, that's why the compound was surrounded with guards for us to kill.

NEVER NEUTRAL: George Stephanopoulos has always been a Democrat “aparatchick.” Never a “neutral observer.” He has always been such, since way before he testified before a Congressional committee that he “lied to his own notebook.” So why did ABC hire him as an anchor and all-around news man? That's easy. It was for the same reason NBC hired Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea, for a PART-TIME job at a six-figure salary. To gain favor from Bill and Hillary, expecting Hillary to con herself back into the Oval Office. So it's not surprising that George not only CONTRIBUTED massive amounts of money to the Bill and Hillary Crime Foundation, but he was ACTIVE in their operations all the while PRETENDING to be “neutral.”

PROBLEMS AT INDY: They've had several major accidents in practice for the Indianapolis 500. Most notably the one involving Helio Castronevis, but also the one involving Ed Carpenter, both involving Chevrolets, which has a new “aero package” for this year. The third was Josef Newgarden, Carpenter's team mate. All hit the wall at approximately the same place. If this keeps up, those Indy drivers will have to start getting pilot's licenses. The accidents happening in roughly the same place is less important than all three being Chevys, with that new “aero package.” The speedway might ban that package. All drivers were uninjured, which speaks well of their safety precautions.

ISIS VOWS REVENGE: Ho, hum, so what? They're vowing “revenge” for the raid that killed their top oil official. Will that involve anything other than “everyday business?” They seem to think this is some kind of a FEUD, not a war. “Tit for tat.” You kill one of ours, we kill one of yours.” But it's not. They've declared all-out WAR on us, and they shouldn't be surprised at what they get. Although they're probably surprised Obana “signed off” on this raid I guess he couldn't avoid it, or be exposed as the two-faced Islamic terrorist he is.

WHAT HAVE WE GOT FOR PROSECUTORS? This is the second prosecutor in the Northeast to make an abysmally STUPID statement about a case in which she's involved. Talking about the surviving Boston Bomber, she tells us he SAID he “did it for all other Muslims," then goes on to say “it was NOT a religious crime.” What? How STUPID can she be? Just as stupid as is Obama, I'd guess. You know: the fool who won't recognize an Islamic terrorist operation if the perp got an inch from his face and shouted Allahu Akbar!” right in his face, wetting him down with his spittle.

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