Friday, May 22, 2015

"It Wuz Slavery!"

That's what Venita Gupta, head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division, says or the Ferguson, MO and Baltimore riots and looting, proving again how STUPID bureaucrats not only are, but CAN be. The REAL cause is that the criminals and thugs in both places saw an opportunity to loot and burn, based on a phony “cause.” And this was facilitated by the asinine rhetoric from Obama and his cronies, aided and abetted by the local prosecutor in Baltimore, who falsely RUSHED to accuse the cops of MURDER when it was the STUPIDITY of that criminal to fight the cops so soon after a spinal operation that caused his death.

BSA'S “PRE-EMPTIVE SURRENDER”: That's what it will be if the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) agrees to allow known child molesters to take jobs as scout masters. What better way to get close to the objects of their sexual desires than to be “leading” a troop of young, impressionable boys? And as usual, the liberals want to allow it in SPITE of the dangers to these children. Frankly, if they allow it, I'd advise ALL parents to keep their kids as far away from the BSA as possible. This could be the END of the BSA.

HONORING” DEAD THUGS: What better way to promote the whole idea of a race war than to “honor” the criminals who got “their just desserts” when they fought the cops? I'm not saying that fool in Baltimore did, as the guy in Ferguson did, but he IS responsible for his own death, not his handling by the cops. But to actually create a “memorial” to these two dead thugs is “a bit much,” but not for Obama, who will do whatever it takes to “whip up” more black hating white racism to help him gain even more power. Of course, he says and does NOTHING when a black thug kills a white policeman. Will he “honor” this cop? Not a chance!

WILL SHE BE PUNISHED? Hillary KNEW about Benghazi for TEN DAYS before it happened! So did Obama. Yet they tried to palm off that idiotic story about a VIDEO that “upset” Islam. And pushed that story for all it was worth, until it was PROVEN false, then they let the truth take over while never admitting, for a minute, it was a lie. Some people STILL insist that video was responsible. They even “took action” against the producer of that video to make it look like the story was real (It's a bi-ch when the criminals are in charge of the punishment). Will they be punished, now that we have the full proof? Not a chance. They know where the bodies are buried, and probably even buried a few, themselves.

CHELSEA'S NEW BOOK: Now they had to let her go from her cushy part-time job in the media that paid her six figures for doing little, she has a children's book out. That's IF they let her go. As for the book, I wonder who her mom paid to write it for her, and who she paid to publish it? Not the usual vanity publisher, I'm sure. She'd find a REAL publisher and promise them the WORLD after she becomes president, to publish it. That's how it works for people like her.

THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT: Climate change has been so well discredited that Obama has nothing left but to threaten people if they deny it. That's what he's doing to the Coast Guard. He has threatened to charge anybody in the Guard who denies it with “dereliction of duty,” which seems to be anything HE says it is. When you can't prove a lie, all you have left it to threaten to punish those who tell the truth—if you've got the power. AlGore wants to be able to punish the truth-tellers,. too. We now have PROOF global warming, and it's illegitimate child, climate change, is a hoax, designed to (successfully) make him into a billionaire, so all he can do now is insist those who KNOW how phony it is, and say so, should be punished for saying so.

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