Monday, May 25, 2015

KKK "Endorses" Carson?

What a fool idea that is! They really like to hurt candidates they don't want to EVER be president, just “endorse” them. They know such an “endorsement” can be a “death knell” for a candidate. But look at it logically: the main thing the KKK stands for is black hatred. How is it possible that the “endorsement” of a black man would ever even be possible to such a hate group? No, the only reason they "endorsed " him was to hurt him.

IRAQ TROOPS “HAVEN'T THE WILL”: Iraq troops just do not “have the will to fight.” They RAN in the face of the enemy, even though they vastly outnumbered them. Obama made what was possibly the biggest, and furthest-reaching mistake in his administration when he told his own troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job of “mopping up” the Islamic terrorists. They're like roaches, in many ways. First, they scurry into hiding when you turn on the lights. Then it's a fact that you don't dare leave ONE of them alive. If you do, they'll “multiply” and overwhelm you before you know it, as they are doing in Iraq. You have to KILL them outright. There's no other way.

HE LET 'EM DOWN: Obama has seriously let black people down by his every action in office after saying electing him would “forever destroy racism in America.” It has done just the opposite. Race relations are worse now than ever before, with blacks openly demonstrating their HATRED of whites in many places, including Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and Cleveland, OH. Paid mobs have rioted and looted, even KILLED people in the name of BLACK racism against whites. The story I read did not say if the dead cop (In New Orleans, killed by a black man) was white or black, but I'd BET he was white, and the latest victim of Obama's rhetoric, designed to start a race war for his own purposes.

BUSH CREATED ISIS!: What an example of a STUPID statement! Obama CREATED ISIS! He created them by telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq without killing ALL the Islamic terrorists and, “roach-like,” they multiplied and are now taking back what American soldiers DIED to win. I don't know what reasoning that fool used when he told Jeb Bush that “His brother created ISIS,” but he probably didn't use ANY. People like that don't HAVE reasoning ability. Firstly, they deny even the EXISTENCE of reason and logic.

INCREASED GUN VIOLENCE IN BALTIMORE: One of the obvious results of the big hooraw in Baltimore, MD over the possibility that cops were responsible for the death of a criminal who most likely killed HIMSELF by accident while trying to create "evidence" that the cops assaulted him, is increased gun violence. To illustrate, Baltimore has suffered 27 shootings just this weekend, alone, which is more gun violence than Baltimnore has ever seen before in one weekend.

IT'S A “WITCH HUNT!” Julian Castro, who has been mentioned as Hillary's possible running mate IF she is nominated to run for president (again), says the inquiry over Benghazi is a “witch hunt.” Really/ Maybe it's because the witch herself will not answer questions about it, hopefully to set it to rest. But she has been “stonewalling us” ever since it happened. Which, if nothing else, leads one to believe there is more there than meets the eye. And until somebody DOES answer questions about it, we'll continue to “hunt witches.”

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